Keys to Spirituality

There are so many people who are in search of their Spiritualism and seem lost.

One thing you should know that many do not know, Spiritualism goes way beyond any religion. Many religions try to hold pieces of spiritualism but they cannot attain it all because it would require to follow another faith or religion that holds the other pieces and surrounds it in doctrines and/or scripture/Sanskrit.
Spiritualism places all these pieces back on the correct path (esoteric Spiritualism) and removes them from any and all religions.
Spiritualism is more powerful and truthful and the path is solid once you understand the simple requirements. Your not faithless because the Spirit world is in direct contact with the creator. Spiritualism is truth! Spiritualism is the way!
So what is the simple ingredient needed? Well it is simpler said than done but you must simply hold the Master key to start your path. 

This Master Key that opens the lock boxes to the 7 teachings. If one does not hold the Master key, the 7 boxes remain closed and locked and the spiritual teaching will sound and seem gibberish or doesn't make sense and one loses interest quickly.
The 7 teachings or lock boxes are: Truth, Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Humility and Wisdom.
The Master key is actually 4 smaller keys, when put together creates the Master Key that opens the 7 teachings. The smaller keys are: Effort, Dedication, Commitment and Desire.
When one puts those keys together is when the transformation begins. Without those 4 keys, nothing will happen.
At this point and time only one person in my group holds this master key. Hopefully more new spiritualist-members will also hold the master key. We shall see and time will tell. I will stay positive.
Do you seek that change and transformation? Then you must hold the Master Key. You cannot put in half efforts and sometime dedication because the keys will not hold and bond together and will not work. I cannot do this for you, I can only show you where the key goes into the lock and when you unlock the 7 locks, then you have the blessings of the spirit world and your mind, body and spirit are ready for the journey. I can open the main door for you but I cannot enter. You must enter by yourself.

One of my Spiritualist/members is on his journey now, is it time for you to embark on your Spiritual Journey yet?
We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey, what have you learned? ~ Candice

I am the Way - to get you there. I am the light - that will illuminate like a lamp post to light your way, but I cannot enter the door. You must do this alone.

We were born into a mystery, one that has haunted us since at least as long as we have been human.
As an infant we are awaken on this tiny world beneath a blanket of stars and left on a doorstep without a note to explain who we are or where we came from.
We have to figure it out all by ourselves. We were given the intelligence and the spirituality to find out. All you have to do is look and you shall find.

We are all "Star Children" but what does that mean? Besides the dust and ingredients of the universe being a part of our being, we are so much more. Once you hold the Master Key and unlock the 7 teachings, your spiritual being begins it's journey and you start to learn who you are and where you came from and why you are here.


  • LOVE
Go find that spiritual guru or spiritual teacher who will guide you to enlightenment and understanding the virtues needed to be attained. There are many out there who are true in what they say and do. If you are within arms reach of me, sit next to me, let us touch and let us unlock the 7 Spiritual Teachings and walk the path together.
Remember that holistic-ness does not mean they are conservative in nature, because spiritualism takes all facets of life and combines them into one beatiful path that you will journey on and that includes tantra, eroticism and learning the levels of sexuality and true love. Spiritualism is open, free and liberal. No rock is un-turned or left behind in learning spirituality. Learn with an open mind and an open heart.

"If I am honest, truthful and transparent, people trust me. If people trust me, there is no grounds for fear, jealousy or suspicion." - Candice

In Love and Light,

Gale Candice

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