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People have made statements and nice comments that I should be on some kind of lecture circuit enlightening people.
I find it humbling that people would think that highly of me but the fact is, I haven't been asked to show my face at any convention and to lecture on True Spiritualism and words of wisdom. Maybe some day in the future. Thank you for those who feel I should be out there telling the people the truth. Besides, I wear scantily clad clothing and have lectured/session nude and some people can't handle that.

Compassion in the World: I find so many people hating each other over their religion that it is just sad to watch the violence that goes on in each city across the globe. People burning witches in New Guinea to the Saudi Arabians hunting down anyone who is Pagan and executing them.
What wonderful religions we have, to kill another person because they don't believe in the same thing as you. They act like animals in the name of God.

Prayer in schools: I hear people screaming about bringing back prayer into the schools. I agree with them, we should have prayer back in schools, but which prayer? Oh yeah, the Christians are at it again. You mean bring back only Christian prayer back in schools. If that is the case, then keep the prayers out of the schools because we are a melting pot of diversified religions and people and that means I don't need to be oppressed by any other religious belief and have to stand there hearing their prayer and not mine. But if ALL prayers are allowed back in schools, then I am all for it.

Our Founding Fathers and Religion: Many people say that we need to return to the religion of our founding fathers of this nation. I am Apache' and my founding fathers are of the earth religion and have been for centuries. The Native American Religion is old and we founded this place long before anyone else. So, I will agree, lets go back to our founding fathers way of religious beliefs. Anything else is imported and not founded.

Speak English, Your in America: The official language in the USA is English. It is NOT a mandatory language that we must speak. So, If I choose to speak Klingon, then it is my choice as a US citizen to do so. I understand the racist underlined current going on and that is hateful racism. It doesn't take a rocket science degree to figure that one out.
If you scream that, your a racist! - "Yap wa' Hol" (one language is never enough in Klingon).
Press 1 for English: We are a melting pot of people and again, racism steps in when you scream why should we push one for English. Just press the damn button and move on. Wait a minute, I understand you, racism doesn't allow you to push that button without making sad hateful comments. You can't say, This is America-Speak English, because America also includes the Canadians and they Speak English and French Canadian. Mexico is also part of America and they speak Spanish and English. Just press 1 for English and don't make stupid remarks that makes you look stupid.

Putting the Christ back in Christmas: People with intelligence know that the word, "Christ" means anointed one. Christos is the correct word. So, If we put Christ back in Christmas, which Christ is it? Mithra? Horus? Perseus? Imana? Oh wait you mean Jesus? Well, he wasn't born on December 25th. The holiday season is called, "Saturnalia" which was used by the Romans for hundreds of years before Jesus came into the picture. But if I have to put the "Christ" back in Christmas, It will be Mithra and not Jesus. The name of Jesus is not Jesus Christ, rather it is Jesus THE Christ. So Mithra THE Christ it is. Merry Christmas!

When in Rome, act like Congress: When the Roman Senate hated their leader, they did nothing to help him. They waited and hoped that he would hang himself. Same thing with our Congress and President Obama.
When the President stepped into office in 2008, he was given a big basket full of Lemons. They said, fix our country. So Obama started making Lemonade. Oh no, that is not what the Congress/Senate wanted. They wanted fine wine to drink and not lemonade. One cannot make fine wine out of lemons. So blame him for not fixing the country.
Will someone in Congress give the man a big basket of grapes so that he can make some wine for Congress? I like lemonade personally.
It is like the thing about so many people calling him a Muslim, although he says he is Christian. What does it matter what he is? Oh wait a minute, Your religion doesn't go with his so, I will just bash the dude and try to impeach him. How stupid and hateful is that? Sounds like an excuse to hate someone for the sake of hate. Remember our Freedom of Religion? That means for him too. I personally like the man because he has managed to not only make lemonade, but a lemon pie and I like lemon pies. Personally, I would cut open a lemon and squirt it in the eyes of Congress. When in Rome!

The LGBT Factor: The country is changing and that means same sex marriage is on the rise. What is it to you if two men or two women marry each other. Love has no gender and boundaries. Wait, wait a minute, you want to impose your religious beliefs on this? The Bible says it is an Abomination. Oh really? Where does it say that? It was added in there recently that homosexuality is an abomination. Yes that's true, the Bible has been changed. Read the Original Kings James Version and nowhere does it say Homosexuality is an abomination. You meek little sheep who are willing to go to slaughter because of someone else's hate for homosexuals. What happen to your 11th commandment - Love one another!
Are there going to be people in your bed who are the same sex and married because it is legal? Are you going to bed with these people? What is it to you what they do. You don't like it. Maybe I don't like the shoes your wearing.

Abortion: This has the same flavor as the same sex marriage. It is not your place to impose your belief on other people who don't want to hear you. What I do with my body is not for you to say whether you like it or not. If there is religion involved? Even more so to stay away from me and mind your own business. Roe vs. Wade should have never been in court and never should it be a factor in anything we do as humans.

ZOMBIES of Cable and Satellite TV: I can't find a TV program worth watching that doesn't have someone killing off another. Is that what we have become - Zombies? I started watching, Sons of Anarchy when it first came out. Love the program but now it is season 5 and someone is being killed every 10 minutes in the program and they are dying in ways that I don't want to know. So, I stopped watching it! One program after another about killing and hurting people, channel after channel. I am stuck with Pawn Stars and Duck Dynasty. People have become Zombies and have this old Roman thirst for blood and guts but instead of an arena, it is in our living rooms on TV nightly.
When it comes to religion? Sleepy Hollow just came out and it deals with the Bible and Revelations and about death and dying. So, I switch the channel and now I find the complete opposite in "American Horror Story - The Coven." That program is all bout evil witches doing evil things to others with supernatural powers. WTF?
Thank goodness for NFL Football. At least no one is dying in the game and it is entertaining for me.
We have become ZOMBIES of TV. We sit there glued to the boob tube watching people kill each other and call that nightly entertainment.
The Nightly and local news: isn't any better either. It just lets us know who is molesting, raping and killing who daily.
National News: That is just the same as the local news except it deals with money laundering, scandals, greed, corruption and lemonade when everyone in Congress wants wine.

Sex outside of marriage is a Sin: Really? Why? Don't tell me because it is in a book. You tell me why it is a sin. We are sexual people and sex and sexuality is a good positive feeling, so why ban it unless your married? Because it is designed for procreation only? Nonsense!
Water is for bathing and cooking. Why can't we also play in the water. We have water sports and so many people have wave runners or boats and they go fishing, water skiing, and even scuba diving. It is fun and it is a good feeling. So is sex! Yes, it is designed for procreating but it can be fun in other sexual areas too. Just use caution when doing it like you would anything else that is exciting and fun. But to call it a sin and wrong? Seriously? What idiot wrote that? Oh yeah, never mind.

The Dalai Lama: For years and years I have respected and even to the point revered his words of wisdom. Then he goes against same sex marriage and homosexuals. Dude, you blew it with me. You let your wisdom down and I caught it. Practice what you preach because if I remember right, your not even in your own country. You been oppressed by others. Someone needs to remind him of his true status of an exiled Buddhist monk because of his beliefs.

Stop acting like little children: You have the middle east and how they are so backwards that they barely understand humanity. They walk around saying that all infidels need to die. They treat women so badly that they have to wear black sheets over their bodies with slits on their eyes so they don't walk into walls.
The West isn't much better because the value for life has dropped dramatically. We in the 1st western world are supposed to be leaders and example setters. Yet, everyone blames each other for nothing getting done. The race game kicks in with, the whites blaming the blacks and the black blaming the browns and the browns blaming the Yellow and the reds and they are blaming the Muslims and they blame the Christians who want to blame the Pagans. Blame, blame and blame on someone else and never taking responsibility or being accountable for one's actions is moronic and childish.
Like little children in Congress who gets nothing done because the alleged Muslim President who happens to be black is not to their liking. We all suffer from stupidity!

When this formula takes place, it creates judgemental people who impose themselves on others either thinking they are righteous or under the banner of their God. People find justifiable killing of others under this stupid heading. Our history is filled with this type of thinking. I meet people all the time who are more than willing to help me, but then they say, "What's in it for me?" When you think, "If I help another, will it get me closer to God?" is when it puts you farther from him.
You expect a brownie button for your good deed and when you think of that is when it doesn't happen. You have to give and help out of your heart and not for Spiritual brownie points to make you LOOK better in front of the creator.

Do you understand your purpose here on earth? Did you learn greed? Did you learn to take and take and not give back? Did you learn how to hurt people and not care? Did you learn how to shoot a gun at someone? Did you learn how to bash a weaker woman into submission? Did you learn how to judge others? Did you learn to laugh at others mistakes? Did you learn how to make them feel bad? Did you learn how to make fun of those who are poor and not wearing the same stylish clothes as you? Did you learn to bash those of another religion and even wish them dead?

Well if you learned all of those things, then I guess there is nothing else to learn.

In Love and Light,

Dr Gale Candice Revilla
~ Masters of the Old World ~

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