About Me

This will give you a little insight about me.

I have been brought here to show you the way out of the darkness that you have placed yourself in.
I am one of the first Indigo Starseeds to come here to earth.

I am from the Ancient Society of Mystics who have been teaching those Indigo children and adults on what must be done when the darkness arrives. I also have been teaching and guiding the Crystal Starseed adults.

I have been ordained twice

Masters degree in Spirituality

Masters equivalent in Archeological-Anthropology

Taught Spirituality and our Culture in college, 3 years

Doctorate in Divinity and minored in Theology

Elder with the Ancient Society of Mystics for the last 30 years

Mystical/Spiritual advisor to the Vatican 1 year (shhh you didn't read that)

Indigo Starseed child - Brought and born here in 1956 (USA)

Shaman / Mystic and teacher - Gale Candice
Spiritual Advisor to singles and couples

Spiritual Teacher - Ancient Arts - Sumerian, pre-Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Buddism, Wiccan, Annanakin, as well as other pre-religious denominations.

Worked with groups in Reiki, Chakra healing, Shakti, Shakipat, Tantra
All 7 teachings and the multi-levels to enlightenment

Sexuality and the power of the Serpent (Kundalini) to heal

Sexual energy healing through Shakti

I practice as a Sadhu quite often.

The teaching of the Dark Arts and how to apply light to keep the balance (Yin/Yang).

I believe and work with Subservient Leadership ideology, especially with Crystal Adults.

Yes I am an Occult, which means - Hidden Knowledge

I bring Esoteric Enlightenment to the neophytes.

Without Dark, there is no light. It is a Yin/Yang. It is written in the stars and by the Universal Council and universally practiced.

The Light and Darkness are one

To touch my mind and heart is to understand who I am. To embrace that understanding, you will find yourself and your purpose in life.

I am an Indigo Starseed. I do not conform to your simple moral beliefs that have gotten you more and more lost with each passing day.

If you're not ready for change, then you will never be ready for the likes of me. I contradict everything you stand for. That is one of the main reasons the darkness has come over the earth. Millions like you have wronged the Universe and millions will die because of it. I am here to repair it along with my fellow Indigos and the Crystal people will start the healing process.

Know that, I am both, male and female and I am neither. It means nothing in the spirit world and where I come from. Only here you make a big stink about males and females and those in between. Bah, such childish behavior and thinking.
"But, but my religion says"... Where I come from, there is no religion. It just is. Earth is a school. You learn, complete your mission and move on to the next chapter. But, you don't make hell on earth for everyone else just because your religion says so.

As the Stars have dictated: I am both male and female, but I am also neither.

What is coming, no religion can fix and some will assist in destroying millions as they have before.

I am an old, old Soul/Spirit and I asked to be that Indigo child to help those who need my healing and counsel here on earth. I am here now in the middle of the desert (USA) watching and looking towards the East and what they are doing. Total chaos and the brick and mortar of government is breaking down. The dark serpent is here.

Find me and we shall talk more. 
Now you know a little about me. There is more, but that is enough generalization for the moment. You get an idea of who I am.

Are you local? - Bullhead City, Arizona.,
and would like to learn/follow from me directly. Then you can contact me, but you must be over 18 years of age.

In Love and Light
Gale Candice
Masters of the Old World

Small Questionaire:

1). What do you want to get out of my group/teachings? Are you ready for change?
2). I practice the way of the ancients and the Naga Sadhu. Which means nudity on my part, do you have a problem with my nudity? (clothing shields energy and hampers channeling).
3). Touching the Mystic during Shakti healing and Chakra healing is needed, will you have a problem with that?
4). Are you willing to help others as you help yourself within the circle?
5). Doing away with western beliefs is needed (religious denominations), are you ready for that enlightenment and change?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you are not ready. Peace be with you.

We are forever etched in stone and never forgotten.
Learn who we are and follow the truth
of the Cosmos. Your Mystic / Shaman awaits.

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