Saturday, April 8, 2017

Human Rights and the Political Arena

Let me say a few words here about our fight for Human Rights.

I live in the USA and the country is divided and slowly being ripped apart by our own people. Human Rights are being taken away and thrown to the wayside. Why? How?

I will not go into all the details because most are living it or suffering by it already.

I am a firm believer of HUMAN RIGHTS!

That is the Human Rights Symbol and it means fairness to all people and their respective religions, sexual orientations and way of living.

The world is in disarray and dictators and oligarchs are bickering like children. In the meantime, many people are suffering and dying.  The leaders don't care about the innocent women and children or their own elders. They all fight for land that is not even theirs to grab.

I find it ironic the fight and kill over land when in 100 years, those people will not longer be on the planet. This planet is not for claiming but for sharing. Putting up a wall or fence doesn't hold.

We have been here for thousands of centuries yet, we still bicker like children over who is touching my fence without permission.

To think that some kind of Divine Intervention will cure everything is not even thought of by leaders. Really, think about it. Billions have been killed and murdered over the centuries and still, no divine intervention has happened. We have to figure it ourselves.

So I stand and shake my staff at these Big EGO leaders sending us into dark times and watch people suffer and die everywhere across the globe over what? The color of skin? Religion? who has a better-looking car? OVER WHAT? Seriously?

"What? You really think only your planet has skin color and you dare judge me by it?
I see your people on your little planet have small minds and you seem to act very childish
over land ownership."

We have a Dictator now running this country who hates blacks and is doing everything he can to erase what our previous BLACK President did. makes no difference if what he did was good or bad. Just erase and undo just because of the color of his skin? That is a sick man.

So I will be adding more thoughts as time goes on. You can follow me on Twitter if you like,

I am on their daily trying to inform people and in the middle of all that chaos, I am still trying to talk about love, peace, and spirituality.

I am also on Facebook but, I am not allowing any new friend requests. I have been getting weird requests from US military people from privates to generals and I feel someone is watching me or wants to monitor me for some reason. So, you're better off going with Twitter.

Okay, I will keep you updated here on the blog and I will keep fighting for our Human Rights on the digital battlefront on Twitter and Facebook.

Spiritual hugz,

Dr. Gale Candice

Surely not for you!

Evolutionary advancement has begun right in front of your eyes and yet you HATE it! You rather stay a monkey
compared to the next stage of human advancement. They look at you and protest as to WHY are these small monkey
people running the country and the world. You're too small minded realizing what is taking place.

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