Saturday, December 24, 2016

Are you a True Leader?

So, are you a true leader? Do you think of others while you lead? Do you lead to enhance your pockets or ego?

True leaders have integrity. Integrity is the very core of their influence. Living the values they profess to believe is what gives them credibility and allows others to place their trust in them.

In the last 45 years of studying and teaching, one must have a balance within themselves to be able to lead others. Again, the Yin/Yang is brought up. One cannot be a true leader without knowing and understanding how to serve.

That is the problem with the leaders of today. They only think of themselves and never empowering their followers/servants/employees.


This is Ancient Universal Law that so many people forget and the people/followers suffer.

In Spiritualism it is the same except in my case, I do take it a bit further with being humble and keeping the balance, (Yin/Yang).

Even Jesus and Budda have said this over and over. Leadership requires learning and serving and then applying that leadership.

So, go and lead but understand and appreciate those who follow your lead or you will find yourself alone with no followers.

In Love and Light,

Gale Candice
Masters of the Old World

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