Saturday, November 19, 2016

You Shall Not Pass

Since the events of November 8th and the election. I have seen hatred brewing, racism and bigotry running amok.

Do not follow those who promote this poison. The Spiritual world and Universal Law is starting up and Karma will take hold on a massive scale. History has shown this to be true time after time again. Universal Law is a type of Divine Intervention. Understand it and watch it unfold.

Stay tolerant and help the needy. Never side with it or you can be a part of the collateral damage that the Universal Law will implement upon them.

Fight for your rights as a human being no matter your race, color, sexual orientation and religion and protect others.

Walk with the needy, the elders, women and children in this time of need. Show your true power of defending them.

You are never alone and the Spiritual World and their laws are with you. The innocence should never hurt from tyranny, injustice and inhumanity.

You Shall Not Pass!
Put on your Spiritual Armor, it will be needed in the coming 4 years if not more.

I bless all of you who follow this path. The Cosmos, the Spirit World are with you.

In Love and light,

Gale Candice - Elder
~ Masters of the Old World ~