Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Power and Healing Energy of Shakti

I want to first, apologize for not writing more. I get caught up in the physical world and I tend to ignore the virtual world. I will do my best and stay aware of what I need to do more often. The blog, the blog, yes, the blog!

During the course of having this blog I had decided to use a different phrase and although there were plenty of readers, the physical group didn't take the phrase that well. I called it, "The Magick of Touch." Well, the method and technique goes back thousands of years but it wasn't phrased, the magick of touch. The Hindus and the Buddhist called it, "Shakti" or "Shaktipat."
Shaktipat is the transferring of energy from teacher to student. There are several methods, but the most powerful one is through touch as I see it and I practice it that way.

I will leave the other articles alone that use the phrase, "The Magick of Touch" and know that it is in reference to "Shakti."

Many people find touching very intimidating and there are many reasons why they feel intimidated. I will not go into all the reasons why a certain person doesn't like to touch, but the energy of touch can be very strong and overwhelming.
With the right channeler, the energy can be soothing, healing and even bring enlightenment to a person receiving the Shakti energy and I also feel it can be erotic and sensual as well.

With the Shakti energy flowing through the body, one can take the advance steps and start clearing the Chakras (healing the obstructions) and start to release the, "Kundalini."
Kundalini is like an energy serpent (snake) that wraps around the spine and resides at the base Chakra. When the energy reaches the serpent, it begins to climb through the other 6 Chakras, healing and enlightening the spirit and mind along the way.
The advance procedure as I have experienced it and now apply it to my students is the student places a hand on the pelvic area of the teacher which sends energy into the hand, arm and travels immediately to their own pelvic area which awakens the serpent and it begins it's travel up the spine.
When the student feels the abdomen warm up, he/she then places the hand on the teachers abdomen to send energy to that area of the student. Next the solar plexes, breast, base of throat and so on.

The teacher and the student work their way up the Chakras to clear, heal and to bring enlightenment. This is called, "SHAKTI-KUNDALINI."

Many have tried this and it is  work in progress. You might only get half way through the Kundalini and the concentration is lost or there are too many obstructions still in place. No problem, you can do it again with the teacher another time and continue your progression.
They say you can do this alone, but in all my years, I have never felt anything doing this alone and for me and my students, I require the Shakti of human touch and transferring of energy. If the student doesn't touch the teacher in the vital Chakra points, then it can take much longer to achieve due to the slow energy transferring.

Shaktipat - The transferring of Spiritual energy through touch
Normally I am skyclad (nude) when Shakti is being applied. Energy can enter my body and I can absorb it easier when clothing is not obstructing the energy gathering that I need when transferring it to the student.
No, that is not normally a Hindu practice but then again, Spiritualism is beyond any religion as I had mentioned before. The student remains clothed during the Shaktipat and Kundalini session.

If you have an issue with touching and seeing the teacher nude at times and even touching the teacher, it might be an issue you need to address before attending one of my study classes. Does this take you out of your comfort zone? Stagnated ways and stagnated beliefs keep you chained up in your prison cell called, "Comfort." Time to step out of it and start your journey because nothing will happen in your old prison cell called, "comfort zone."

Your Prison Cell, "Comfor Zone" and where the magick of
spiritualism happens.

Through Shakti, one can heal and clear the Chakras
The Shakti enhances health and has been used for spiritual enlightening, spiritual healing as well as physical healing and joined by Kundalini is like a living amplifier that enhances it all.
The 7 Chakras, the 7 points of spiritual enlightenment and the 7 teachings all correlate with each other.
When one fully undertands, one will see with clarity.

I am the Way (to get you there) and the Light (like a lamp post to illuminate your path), but remember, I cannot do it for you. You must walk to path yourself. I will hold your hand in love and friendship for you are never alone. Come, let us walk together on your new journey.

In Love and Light,

Gale Candice
~Masters of the Old World ~