Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Virtues and Humility

One of the most powerful virtues that is preached in almost every church, mosque and a host of Spiritual Groups for centuries is "Humility."
It is also one of the hardest virtues to achieve due to arrogance, ego and pride getting in the way.
If the world leaders would take up the virtue of humility, we would have no more wars. Unfortunately we have had wars between mankind since the dawn of man. Much of it is due to ego, pride and who is right that keeps getting in the way.

As the virtue of humility stands alone it become more clouded in modern times. Many do not understand that it actually takes more courage and strength to hold and understand humility. But so many people make the mistake that humility brings on weakness when it is the complete opposite.
It is just to easy to pull out a gun and shoot someone out of anger because someone bruised your ego and pride or to prove your right.

I practice this virtue daily and it is a bugger to hang on to. Just when you think you got it, you lost it.

There are many virtues that we all must learn. We must all learn the humanities but so many people are so busy with their other parts of their lives that they miss the boat and become unbalanced in life.

Like I had stated, Humility is always at your fingertips but is the hardest to hold on to, because attached to this word can bring on an emotion that will take away humility in a heartbeat and those emotions attacks your ego and pride.

Life is a journey of discovery.  In order to discover, we must learn.  The most important thing in life is our ability to learn, and to do this we must first humble ourselves and accept that we do not know.  The search for truth must begin with the acceptance of the fact that we do not know the truth (This seems an obvious fact for if we knew the truth we would not seek it, now would we?).  But obvious or not, we tend to think we do know the truth and then we try to impose that knowledge on others.

We must humble ourselves and recognize that even as Spiritual Leaders we do not “know” any more than those we teach to. Each person who is on a spiritual path will come to the truth in his or her own way.

It does not matter how someone finds it, only that it is found.  A humble teacher or guide and a humble student is the best combination there is.

We all so love our opinions that we often choose them over truth.

Many holistic books speaks of the importance of the humble mind, for it says that God/Goddess understands that it is our arrogance, our desire to be right, that prevents us from learning. 

Learning requires change because we must alter our current beliefs before we can learn.  This is quite uncomfortable for most people.  I am sure that it was quite comforting to believe that the world was flat and that any evidence supporting a round earth would at one time have been rejected in favor of that comfort.  But in order to learn that the earth was round, people had to humble themselves and accept a new opinion as being possible. 

All of these virtues that we must learn stem from humility and are directly connected. Once you grasp and understand humility, you are on your way to learning the other vital virtues that is part of humanity.

Within our house/group, humility is being worked on at every meeting. Some will catch on and learn quickly while others may take awhile.

The Virtues from Humility:
  • Temperance - self-control regarding pleasure
  • Good temper - self-control regarding anger
  • Ambition - self-control regarding one's goals
  • Curiosity - self-control regarding knowledge
  • Frugality (also Thrift) - self-control regarding the material lifestyle
  • Contentment - self-control regarding acknowledgement and satisfaction of reaching capacity.
  • Courage - willingness to do the right thing in the face of danger, pain, significant harm or risk
  • Patience - ability to delay or wait for what is desired
  • Perseverance - courageous patience, integrity
  • Persistence - ability to achieve objective regardless of obstacles
  • Fair-mindedness - concern that all get their due (including oneself) in cooperative arrangements of mutual benefit
  • Tolerance - willingness to allow others to lead a life based on a certain set of beliefs differing from ones own
  • Truthfulness/Honesty - telling someone what you know to be true in the context of a direct inquiry
  • Respect - regard for the worth of others
  • Self respect - regard for the worth of oneself.
  • Social virtues: Politeness, Charisma, Unpretentious, Friendliness, Sportsmanship, Cleanliness
  • Kindness - Regard for those who are within an individual's ability to help.
  • Generosity - Giving to those in need.
  • Forgiveness - Willingness to overlook transgressions made against you.
  • Compassion - Empathy and understanding for the suffering of others.

Once we grasp and understand humility, we can then much more easily reach the other needed virtues on the list of understanding our own humanity.

To reach this goal one must leave that comfort zone and venture into an area that makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable. That means making a physical and spiritual effort which means not sitting on your couch or at the laptop and just reading about it.

If you want to just read about it, then do nothing. You have to go out and find that spiritual leader who is going to show you how to reach that goal and understand it first hand. There are not very many spiritual leaders that can show you first hand. Most will do what has been done for thousands of years by just preaching about it like they have in churches or some circle spiritual groups. They will talk the talk but not walk the walk and you walk away maybe getting a glimpse of what your goal is.

This house/group takes you by the hand and actually shows you it, right in front of you and then one has to muster up the courage and strength to tackle it. Oh trust me when I say that it is not going to be easy to do.
Many in our house/group see it, understand it, want to learn it but do not touch it to actually grasp the concept to take hold of the virtue. One has to touch it virtually, spiritually and in some cases, physically.
You see the results of your effort and you have a tendency to cringe and feel uncomfortable, but once you do take hold, you will begin that beautiful journey.

I do this in a way unlike any other house/group in the USA. It is not original in concept because I am sure it is being done somewhere in the world, but it is original here in the states.

The Ying/Yang represent the Balance of Life

I hope that you have the concept of what we as humans need to do to gain the virtues that all must learn to expand and evolve. Remember, having the knowledge and applying it brings a balance to one's life. Knowing and doing nothing means you know nothing. One can have all the education in the world, but if you do not apply what you know, then it does no good to have all that knowledge.
It is the Ying and Yang of balance, one cannot be done without the other.

In our house, we plop humility right on your lap. What you do with it from there will either bring you closer to your goals or you will do nothing and walk away empty handed.

I give you a seed of truth, nurture it and grow ~ Candice

In Love and Light,

Gale Candice
~Masters of the Old World ~