Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Power and Healing Energy of Shakti

I want to first, apologize for not writing more. I get caught up in the physical world and I tend to ignore the virtual world. I will do my best and stay aware of what I need to do more often. The blog, the blog, yes, the blog!

During the course of having this blog I had decided to use a different phrase and although there were plenty of readers, the physical group didn't take the phrase that well. I called it, "The Magick of Touch." Well, the method and technique goes back thousands of years but it wasn't phrased, the magick of touch. The Hindus and the Buddhist called it, "Shakti" or "Shaktipat."
Shaktipat is the transferring of energy from teacher to student. There are several methods, but the most powerful one is through touch as I see it and I practice it that way.

I will leave the other articles alone that use the phrase, "The Magick of Touch" and know that it is in reference to "Shakti."

Many people find touching very intimidating and there are many reasons why they feel intimidated. I will not go into all the reasons why a certain person doesn't like to touch, but the energy of touch can be very strong and overwhelming.
With the right channeler, the energy can be soothing, healing and even bring enlightenment to a person receiving the Shakti energy and I also feel it can be erotic and sensual as well.

With the Shakti energy flowing through the body, one can take the advance steps and start clearing the Chakras (healing the obstructions) and start to release the, "Kundalini."
Kundalini is like an energy serpent (snake) that wraps around the spine and resides at the base Chakra. When the energy reaches the serpent, it begins to climb through the other 6 Chakras, healing and enlightening the spirit and mind along the way.
The advance procedure as I have experienced it and now apply it to my students is the student places a hand on the pelvic area of the teacher which sends energy into the hand, arm and travels immediately to their own pelvic area which awakens the serpent and it begins it's travel up the spine.
When the student feels the abdomen warm up, he/she then places the hand on the teachers abdomen to send energy to that area of the student. Next the solar plexes, breast, base of throat and so on.

The teacher and the student work their way up the Chakras to clear, heal and to bring enlightenment. This is called, "SHAKTI-KUNDALINI."

Many have tried this and it is  work in progress. You might only get half way through the Kundalini and the concentration is lost or there are too many obstructions still in place. No problem, you can do it again with the teacher another time and continue your progression.
They say you can do this alone, but in all my years, I have never felt anything doing this alone and for me and my students, I require the Shakti of human touch and transferring of energy. If the student doesn't touch the teacher in the vital Chakra points, then it can take much longer to achieve due to the slow energy transferring.

Shaktipat - The transferring of Spiritual energy through touch
Normally I am skyclad (nude) when Shakti is being applied. Energy can enter my body and I can absorb it easier when clothing is not obstructing the energy gathering that I need when transferring it to the student.
No, that is not normally a Hindu practice but then again, Spiritualism is beyond any religion as I had mentioned before. The student remains clothed during the Shaktipat and Kundalini session.

If you have an issue with touching and seeing the teacher nude at times and even touching the teacher, it might be an issue you need to address before attending one of my study classes. Does this take you out of your comfort zone? Stagnated ways and stagnated beliefs keep you chained up in your prison cell called, "Comfort." Time to step out of it and start your journey because nothing will happen in your old prison cell called, "comfort zone."

Your Prison Cell, "Comfor Zone" and where the magick of
spiritualism happens.

Through Shakti, one can heal and clear the Chakras
The Shakti enhances health and has been used for spiritual enlightening, spiritual healing as well as physical healing and joined by Kundalini is like a living amplifier that enhances it all.
The 7 Chakras, the 7 points of spiritual enlightenment and the 7 teachings all correlate with each other.
When one fully undertands, one will see with clarity.

I am the Way (to get you there) and the Light (like a lamp post to illuminate your path), but remember, I cannot do it for you. You must walk to path yourself. I will hold your hand in love and friendship for you are never alone. Come, let us walk together on your new journey.

In Love and Light,

Gale Candice
~Masters of the Old World ~

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Keys to Spirituality

There are so many people who are in search of their Spiritualism and seem lost.

One thing you should know that many do not know, Spiritualism goes way beyond any religion. Many religions try to hold pieces of spiritualism but they cannot attain it all because it would require to follow another faith or religion that holds the other pieces and surrounds it in doctrines and/or scripture/Sanskrit.
Spiritualism places all these pieces back on the correct path (esoteric Spiritualism) and removes them from any and all religions.
Spiritualism is more powerful and truthful and the path is solid once you understand the simple requirements. Your not faithless because the Spirit world is in direct contact with the creator. Spiritualism is truth! Spiritualism is the way!
So what is the simple ingredient needed? Well it is simpler said than done but you must simply hold the Master key to start your path. 

This Master Key that opens the lock boxes to the 7 teachings. If one does not hold the Master key, the 7 boxes remain closed and locked and the spiritual teaching will sound and seem gibberish or doesn't make sense and one loses interest quickly.
The 7 teachings or lock boxes are: Truth, Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Humility and Wisdom.
The Master key is actually 4 smaller keys, when put together creates the Master Key that opens the 7 teachings. The smaller keys are: Effort, Dedication, Commitment and Desire.
When one puts those keys together is when the transformation begins. Without those 4 keys, nothing will happen.
At this point and time only one person in my group holds this master key. Hopefully more new spiritualist-members will also hold the master key. We shall see and time will tell. I will stay positive.
Do you seek that change and transformation? Then you must hold the Master Key. You cannot put in half efforts and sometime dedication because the keys will not hold and bond together and will not work. I cannot do this for you, I can only show you where the key goes into the lock and when you unlock the 7 locks, then you have the blessings of the spirit world and your mind, body and spirit are ready for the journey. I can open the main door for you but I cannot enter. You must enter by yourself.

One of my Spiritualist/members is on his journey now, is it time for you to embark on your Spiritual Journey yet?
We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey, what have you learned? ~ Candice

I am the Way - to get you there. I am the light - that will illuminate like a lamp post to light your way, but I cannot enter the door. You must do this alone.

We were born into a mystery, one that has haunted us since at least as long as we have been human.
As an infant we are awaken on this tiny world beneath a blanket of stars and left on a doorstep without a note to explain who we are or where we came from.
We have to figure it out all by ourselves. We were given the intelligence and the spirituality to find out. All you have to do is look and you shall find.

We are all "Star Children" but what does that mean? Besides the dust and ingredients of the universe being a part of our being, we are so much more. Once you hold the Master Key and unlock the 7 teachings, your spiritual being begins it's journey and you start to learn who you are and where you came from and why you are here.


  • LOVE
Go find that spiritual guru or spiritual teacher who will guide you to enlightenment and understanding the virtues needed to be attained. There are many out there who are true in what they say and do. If you are within arms reach of me, sit next to me, let us touch and let us unlock the 7 Spiritual Teachings and walk the path together.
Remember that holistic-ness does not mean they are conservative in nature, because spiritualism takes all facets of life and combines them into one beatiful path that you will journey on and that includes tantra, eroticism and learning the levels of sexuality and true love. Spiritualism is open, free and liberal. No rock is un-turned or left behind in learning spirituality. Learn with an open mind and an open heart.

"If I am honest, truthful and transparent, people trust me. If people trust me, there is no grounds for fear, jealousy or suspicion." - Candice

In Love and Light,

Spiritual Teacher

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Are You Afraid of Yourself?

Are you afraid of yourself? Simple question yet something to ponder on. By now we would hope that your mind is rid of the nonsense that Pagans are devil worshipers and that we skin cats in some sort of perverted sacrifice to the cat eating gods.

With all the info here on this blog, the one that might scare the hell out of you is getting in touch with your eroticism and sexuality. I mean, after all, you were brain washed and conditioned that eroticism and sexuality are sins. If you want to hang on to some 2,000+ year old crap, then that is your gig.
People quickly run to the great rite which is having sex when they think of sexuality. This is NOT what I am talking about. You see, eroticism and sexuality are good feelings and anything good should never be a sin since it harms no one to have good feelings. It is like being happy. Can one place a sin on being happy?

Our group runs on eroticism and sexuality but that doesn't mean SEX! Get that notion out of your head. Our intention is Eroticism and sexuality and NOT erotic and sexual seduction.

So, after all these years of being told otherwise, do you believe me when I say that Eroticism and Sexuality doesn't mean having sex?

I meet so many un-happy people who are just not happy nor content with their spiritualism and religion, yet you do nothing afraid of what others might think. It is on the same par as coming out of the closet that your gay. You worry about what others might think. Same goes for being Pagan. OMG your a pagan and you skin cats and drink their blood and you kill things. Actually I eat more steer/beef than any other animal and when I want that type of food. I just go to Safeway and go into the meat department and grab some steaks or burgers for dinner. They don't sell cat, dog or horse meat. Just beef, pork, chicken and fish.

Since Spiritualism has no devil and no hell as well as no sin, I can't go to those places that everyone tells me that I am going. I/we don't recognize that religion or ideology.

Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Are you content? Do you feel complete? Do all the answers or at least most them have been answered by your church or religion? Are you to remain miserable because there is no other outlet to find answers that have been eating away at you for years on end?
When you throw away all those stagnated thoughts and say to yourself: I KNOW NOTHING, is when you begin to learn and the ego goes away.

The realization that you know nothing is the first step toward the realization that there is nothing to know.  This in turn leads to something called the dichotomy of the opposites, which is essentially the process of realizing that opposites are an illusion and there is nothing real about them.  An example of the concept is that when you realize you know nothing and then begin to realize that there is nothing to be known, it is then that you come to know everything.  If you do not understand what I just said then you are not yet there; if you do understand it then you are still not yet there. 

This is the problem caused by philosophy and many religions.  The entire process makes us think.  When we think we can usually only do so with words.  Thinking is basically a silent form of talking to oneself.  The problem with words is that they are limiting.  If you feel something that no one has ever created a word to define, you cannot grasp it when thinking. You cannot experience a word that you do not know. You are limited in thought.

If you question my meaning here try this little exercise.  Sit still and say nothing.  Do not allow a single word to enter your mind.  Just sit quietly as if in silent meditation, and keep the mind absolutely still.  Let yourself think without words.  If you are like most people, you will not last a minute before words suddenly begin to creep in.  Once they do, you will then be limited by them in that anything they cannot express, you cannot experience.

Thinking without words seems to be an essential part of enlightenment though it is extremely difficult to do.  Philosophy makes people think in words.  Modern life does the same.  This means that the concepts captured in the words of philosophers have a profound effect on the minds of the people because it is the philosopher that sets the ideas of the modern mind into words much like a writer of old set words in stone.  These words live on long after the author dies influencing everything and everyone.  We then think in terms of these ideas and this gets passed on throughout society until even those who never learned where the ideas came from eventually adopt them as their own.  My goal in learning these concepts is to learn how to unlearn them, to learn how to remove their influences from my life.

The ultimate goal is to learn how to unlearn the false reality that we have each been taught to believe in as real.  When you can become nothing, you become one with all.  The Buddhists speak of this when they speak of Nirvana.  Most people do not realize that Nirvana means blissful nothingness.  We think of Nirvana as meaning simply bliss, but it is the nothingness that is so important.  It is through nothingness that we become one with everything, again a reconciliation of opposites that is so counter-intuitive that it is not something the mind can understand; it is only something one can become.  Try to grasp it and it will dissolve in your hand; try to understand it and it will disappear into the recesses of your mind.  The universal truth cannot be learned, cannot be understood and cannot be taught.  It cannot even be known as it is so vastly beyond the confines of the self that the self cannot exist in its presence.  The universal truths can only be. 

Understand what I say. We must throw away the stagnated thinking and un-learn so that you can learn.

In my personal experience when I was a student, I had learned much, and through that learning have come to realize that I know nothing.  This helps me when others are in need.  I approach people with no expectations and I make no judgments.  This is harder than it sounds.  My tendency is to want to fix a person and make that person better.  I want to end suffering and make everyone happy.  When I catch myself wanting to fix someone, I now know that this is a sign that I am not acting from the proper place, and my presumed act of giving is actually a selfish need to be admired as a savior.  I will tell you that it is hard to admit this to myself when it is happening, but this is the level of honesty necessary to do our Lord and Lady's work.  Anything less is not their work so much as it is my own selfish need to be admired or thought of as some great person who can carry out God’s will.  If I feel this, I walk away because I am not able to help anyone when I act from this position. I know it is hard to understand, but it is truth and honesty.

Why is this so important that I will leave rather than try to help?  It is because I realize that such selfishness does not relive the suffering of anyone, it instead will only make a difficult situation worse.  There are two reasons for this.  First, the primary need in my mind becomes my own, not the person I am supposed to be helping.  I will act out of my own need to be liked or to be admired, not out of the other person’s need for help.  This may seem a small distinction, but in practice it changes everything.  It is very difficult to admit such things to yourself because the ego is powerful and it wants to be recognized.  But if the ego remains in control you will inevitably act out of self-interest no matter how selfless you make yourself appear.

Now I find I have an interest in seeing this person through to ultimate healing.  I must focus more and more on the person because my concern is not so much him as it is my need to be admired.  I therefore must become the miracle worker and I must save this person.  I am now personally involved in the outcome.  I feel a need to make it end well without realizing that my definition of well may not be the best for the person I am trying to save.  My goal has become to save someone else so I might feel superior to everyone and therefore feel better about myself.  This is a dangerous situation that can affect nearly anyone who is not vigilant in his introspection and honesty.  Always question your motives.  If you feel the desire to play a larger part or to increase your influence -- beware.

We have all, every single one of us, acted from a similar position at one time or another in our lives.  If you deny this, I would suggest you ponder the idea a bit more before moving on.  We cannot do our best work until we first remove the self and the ego from the center of the process.  Anything less and we begin to make judgments whether we want to or not.  When we judge others for their failures we begin to separate ourselves from our own humanity.

Do you begin to see a glimmer of what I am talking about? Understand what I bring to the table with my group, my teachings and with you. I know nothing and I have absolutely no expectations from you. You wish to be helped and learn of the ancient ways of thought and apply it today? Then leave your ego at the door when entering. Remember why you come and know that I have no motives and no expectations from you.

This is just a drop of water in the bucket in what I am saying. It brings me back to this: Are you afraid of yourself to un-learn what you have learned? Are you scared of that so called brain washing when in reality, you have already been brain washed.

I stand before you in my group and I am totally nude. Does this scare you? Why? It is my own skin and not yours, it is my own person yet you have learned that nudity is wrong and leads to sex? How absurd! Is my eroticism and sexuality imposing on your old beliefs? I hope so because your running on another's beliefs and moralities. Remember, it is what you have learned and were taught. By thinking or telling me it is wrong for me to be standing there totally nude is your stagnated ways of imposition of others thinking and like a puppet, you go along with it. Why? Because they (whomever they are) says otherwise. Understand my teachings and you begin to break down barriers.

Walk up to me and say, "I KNOW NOTHING and would like to learn!" Then I know you are ready to learn everything because you are defeating and/or controlling your ego.

I will say this here although many of you may not understand nor grasp it right now. One of the huge obstacles in our lives is the ego and that is why I say keep it in check especially when entering through the doors of my presence.

Obstacles to Learning

This is one of the fundamental causes preventing people from learning.  It seems that most people prefer to be right than to learn anything.  Learning internally challenges opinions and beliefs and therefore requires great effort.  Learning forces us to accept that we do not know.  Most of us believe that we do know and therefore we are averse to learning.  Once we think we have learned something, we then think we are right, and from that moment on we are likely to care more about being right than learning.

It seems most people prefer to be right than learn anything!

Unfortunately, being right means nothing.  Being right and thinking we already know, prevents us from learning something new.  It is important that we drop the idea that we already know everything.

Keep in mind the thought of Socrates when he said, “The only thing I know is that I know nothing.”  This is the greatest wisdom because it prevents us from becoming arrogant.  It also reminds us that we have the opportunity to learn from every person we meet and from every thing that happens every day.

Life is a journey of discovery.  In order to discover, we must learn.  The most important thing in life is our ability to learn, and to do this we must first humble ourselves and accept that we do not know.  The search for truth must begin with the acceptance of the fact that we do not know the truth (This seems an obvious fact for if we knew the truth we would not seek it, now would we?).  But obvious or not, we tend to think we do know the truth and then we try to impose that knowledge on others.

I cannot really teach; I can only guide.  Each person who is on a spiritual path will come to the truth in his or her own way.  We must resist the temptation to think that others must do it the way we/teachers and gurus did it.

We all so love our opinions that we often choose them over truth.

Even the Bible speaks of the importance of the humble mind, for it says that God understands that it is our arrogance, our desire to be right, that prevents us from learning.
Learning requires change because we must alter our current beliefs before we can learn.  This is quite uncomfortable for most people.  I am sure that it was quite comforting to believe that the world was flat and that any evidence supporting a round earth would at one time have been rejected in favor of that comfort.  But in order to learn that the earth was round, people had to humble themselves and accept a new opinion as being possible and that is where the ego must be controlled and subdued.

So, I ask you to stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself if you can change. Are you afraid of yourself and what might happen?

This is part of the group Magickal Spiritualism and how to walk the earth learning.

My teachings are mysterious yet universal, deep, spiritual and magickal. By me standing there nude in front of you will in time give you the understanding and enlightenment that you need.
 Today you see it as a sin from another belief or your stagnated beliefs get in the way. In time you will see it as erotic-sexuality and the full knowledge of enlightenment. When that time comes you will not see seduction, but intent of knowledge embracing your senses and your mind. When you touch my nude body, then and only then will you truly understand the knowledge and power enveloping you and I guide you to the door of enlightenment. Touch my mind, touch my spirit and touch my body and the journey begins.


I give you a seed of truth, nurture it and grow.

In Love and Light,

Candice ~
(Dr. Gale Candice Revilla)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

... And I march you out of Ignorance

You can say or believe what THEY have been telling you for thousands of years. We have no Devil in our Religious beliefs. Here is our symbol and it's true meaning.

The Pentagram:

Now you know what the Pentagram symbol means. Hollywood loves to use this symbol for horror movies and movies containing Satanic demons. Sorry to burst your Hollywood movie bubble, but there is no Devil in this symbol and in the religious belief. Actually the entire Pagan umbrella of many religions that use this symbol has no Devil. The Satan/devil ideology is a Christian thing and only they along with Muslims have a devil and WE DO NOT!
... and I march you out of Ignorance.

This brings us to the next thing that the Christians and everyone else who is not Pagan brings to mind.
The Christian Devil is portrayed to have horns on his head. They love to use the Greek Mythology God Pan as the horned one.
As was stated, The Great God Pan is Greek Mythology and he ruled the Forests, sheep and the wild mountains. He had horns on his head, upper human body and the lower half of a goat.

Greek Mythology: The Great God Pan

The Non Pagans needed an image for their Devil and they all decided that Pan would be the god to put it on.
One thing about Pan though, he did have a temper and the people would "PANIC" when he was angry. That word is still used to this day. Pan did need anger management.

Even though Greek Mythology falls under the Pagan umbrella somewhat it is really Polytheism and not Pagan, I don't think there are a lot of people still worshiping the Greek Gods. Maybe in Athens there might be.
So the Christians and other religions love to place this over our Pagan heads as our Devil when in fact it is Greek Mythology and not really Pagan and like I said, WE HAVE NO DEVIL in our beliefs... And I march you out of Ignorance.


Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders (LGBT) do not have children that are born LGBT.
All LGBT children come from Straight people. You see, it is real simple, Gays can't have children and Lesbians also cannot have children. It takes a straight couple to produce LGBT children. So before you bash the LGBT people, go to the straight source and that would be the parents who are STRAIGHT! They are having LGBT children and many of them are Christians. OMG did I just say that? Christian straight parents are having LGBT children?
Oh one more thing, your bible says that Homosexuality is an abomination. If you read the Original King James Version, it says nothing about homosexuality. Your modern bible has been modernized and altered. Go find an original King James version and read it.
Since you hard-cores will never change about the LGBT. What is it to you what others do unless you plan on jumping in bed with them. LEAVE THEM ALONE! It is like the same sex marriage. What is it to you if the same sex gets married? You plan on living with them?
... And I march you out of Ignorance.

Abortion: And here is a simple one. Its against Christian beliefs that killing a fetus is wrong and a sin and goes against God's beliefs, Really? Your telling me that, Really?

So there it is right in your own book that contradicts what Anti-Abortionist say and what God believed. He didn't just take out a few people, he killed Millions because he regretted that he made us. Wow and you scream about Abortion? What someone does with their bodies is none of your business. You contradict your screams with Abortion and how God feels about it and what God actually did to the world. Really now?
... And I march you out of Ignorance.

Paganism has been around for thousands of years before any Christian belief but understand that Christianity is a copied religion of other Pagan religions. Here is a perfect example:

Now lets get into this Jesus the Savior stuff. When he was supposedly Crucified he saved the world from sin and eternal damnation. Well that is ONLY partly true. He went into Hell opened up the gates and freed everyone there.
Jesus was the savior of the LOST WORLD. Not our modern world, but the LOST WORLD. They were saved by him. He DID NOT SAVE you because your not part of the LOST WORLD and you weren't born yet. He has NOT saved you from sin. Because as long as your alive and remain a Christian, you will continue to sin today and tomorrow and next week and next month and next year. Jesus did not take away those sins. He saved only those before his death and NOT after his death. If he saved you from sin, then every sin you make is automatically wiped every time you sin. Doesn't work that way.
He is NOT your savior in the sense of sinning and wiping your soul clean. Understand what is being said here. Jesus hasn't saved you! Maybe his ideology has but not him. He didn't die for you (you weren't born yet), he died for the Lost World to be saved. So think about when you yell out that Jesus is your savior. Besides, there are others before him who did the same thing.
... And I march you out of Ignorance.

I will stop right here for now and do a part 2 in the near future. I think there is enough information and truth that you are now out of the ignorance factor and have the knowledge that maybe you needed to know.

Follow the truth and you can do no wrong.

I give you a seed of truth, nurture it and grow - Candice

In Love and Light,

Dr. Gale Candice
aka Candice ~

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Virtues and Humility

One of the most powerful virtues that is preached in almost every church, mosque and a host of Spiritual Groups for centuries is "Humility."
It is also one of the hardest virtues to achieve due to arrogance, ego and pride getting in the way.
If the world leaders would take up the virtue of humility, we would have no more wars. Unfortunately we have had wars between mankind since the dawn of man. Much of it is due to ego, pride and who is right that keeps getting in the way.

As the virtue of humility stands alone it become more clouded in modern times. Many do not understand that it actually takes more courage and strength to hold and understand humility. But so many people make the mistake that humility brings on weakness when it is the complete opposite.
It is just to easy to pull out a gun and shoot someone out of anger because someone bruised your ego and pride or to prove your right.

I practice this virtue daily and it is a bugger to hang on to. Just when you think you got it, you lost it.

There are many virtues that we all must learn. We must all learn the humanities but so many people are so busy with their other parts of their lives that they miss the boat and become unbalanced in life.

Like I had stated, Humility is always at your fingertips but is the hardest to hold on to, because attached to this word can bring on an emotion that will take away humility in a heartbeat and those emotions attacks your ego and pride.

Life is a journey of discovery.  In order to discover, we must learn.  The most important thing in life is our ability to learn, and to do this we must first humble ourselves and accept that we do not know.  The search for truth must begin with the acceptance of the fact that we do not know the truth (This seems an obvious fact for if we knew the truth we would not seek it, now would we?).  But obvious or not, we tend to think we do know the truth and then we try to impose that knowledge on others.

We must humble ourselves and recognize that even as Spiritual Leaders we do not “know” any more than those we teach to. Each person who is on a spiritual path will come to the truth in his or her own way.

It does not matter how someone finds it, only that it is found.  A humble teacher or guide and a humble student is the best combination there is.

We all so love our opinions that we often choose them over truth.

Many holistic books speaks of the importance of the humble mind, for it says that God/Goddess understands that it is our arrogance, our desire to be right, that prevents us from learning. 

Learning requires change because we must alter our current beliefs before we can learn.  This is quite uncomfortable for most people.  I am sure that it was quite comforting to believe that the world was flat and that any evidence supporting a round earth would at one time have been rejected in favor of that comfort.  But in order to learn that the earth was round, people had to humble themselves and accept a new opinion as being possible. 

All of these virtues that we must learn stem from humility and are directly connected. Once you grasp and understand humility, you are on your way to learning the other vital virtues that is part of humanity.

Within our house/group, humility is being worked on at every meeting. Some will catch on and learn quickly while others may take awhile.

The Virtues from Humility:
  • Temperance - self-control regarding pleasure
  • Good temper - self-control regarding anger
  • Ambition - self-control regarding one's goals
  • Curiosity - self-control regarding knowledge
  • Frugality (also Thrift) - self-control regarding the material lifestyle
  • Contentment - self-control regarding acknowledgement and satisfaction of reaching capacity.
  • Courage - willingness to do the right thing in the face of danger, pain, significant harm or risk
  • Patience - ability to delay or wait for what is desired
  • Perseverance - courageous patience, integrity
  • Persistence - ability to achieve objective regardless of obstacles
  • Fair-mindedness - concern that all get their due (including oneself) in cooperative arrangements of mutual benefit
  • Tolerance - willingness to allow others to lead a life based on a certain set of beliefs differing from ones own
  • Truthfulness/Honesty - telling someone what you know to be true in the context of a direct inquiry
  • Respect - regard for the worth of others
  • Self respect - regard for the worth of oneself.
  • Social virtues: Politeness, Charisma, Unpretentious, Friendliness, Sportsmanship, Cleanliness
  • Kindness - Regard for those who are within an individual's ability to help.
  • Generosity - Giving to those in need.
  • Forgiveness - Willingness to overlook transgressions made against you.
  • Compassion - Empathy and understanding for the suffering of others.

Once we grasp and understand humility, we can then much more easily reach the other needed virtues on the list of understanding our own humanity.

To reach this goal one must leave that comfort zone and venture into an area that makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable. That means making a physical and spiritual effort which means not sitting on your couch or at the laptop and just reading about it.

If you want to just read about it, then do nothing. You have to go out and find that spiritual leader who is going to show you how to reach that goal and understand it first hand. There are not very many spiritual leaders that can show you first hand. Most will do what has been done for thousands of years by just preaching about it like they have in churches or some circle spiritual groups. They will talk the talk but not walk the walk and you walk away maybe getting a glimpse of what your goal is.

This house/group takes you by the hand and actually shows you it, right in front of you and then one has to muster up the courage and strength to tackle it. Oh trust me when I say that it is not going to be easy to do.
Many in our house/group see it, understand it, want to learn it but do not touch it to actually grasp the concept to take hold of the virtue. One has to touch it virtually, spiritually and in some cases, physically.
You see the results of your effort and you have a tendency to cringe and feel uncomfortable, but once you do take hold, you will begin that beautiful journey.

I do this in a way unlike any other house/group in the USA. It is not original in concept because I am sure it is being done somewhere in the world, but it is original here in the states.

The Ying/Yang represent the Balance of Life

I hope that you have the concept of what we as humans need to do to gain the virtues that all must learn to expand and evolve. Remember, having the knowledge and applying it brings a balance to one's life. Knowing and doing nothing means you know nothing. One can have all the education in the world, but if you do not apply what you know, then it does no good to have all that knowledge.
It is the Ying and Yang of balance, one cannot be done without the other.

In our house, we plop humility right on your lap. What you do with it from there will either bring you closer to your goals or you will do nothing and walk away empty handed.

I give you a seed of truth, nurture it and grow ~ Candice

In Love and Light,

Gale Candice
~Masters of the Old World ~