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The Veil of Innocense

The Veil of Innocence
The chain mail representing the "Veil of Innocence" and channeling
the Magick energy needed along with being "Transparent" (nude).
In the olden Days, Veils were considered the norm in attire. The same went for the Transparent Spiritual Teacher. If the veil had a weave in it, then it could be used magickally. Through the holes went displaced magick energy that wasn't needed. The weave would catch the needed Magick and the Enchantress then absorbs this magick into her to use and to share with the tribe/group.
The "Veil of Innocence" is my own phrase that I use. I did find it on the internet but it seems to be a lost phrase, so I will use it here for reference to magick and the veil.
But there are times when this can falter and assistance may be needed by the group. Nothing in Magick is ever fool proof.

Using the "Veil of Innocence" to enhance Magick, Sexuality and Spiritualism
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No one is to wear it except for the Spiritual. One can carry it, robe her with it but NOT WEAR it. It is charged and considered a Sacred instrumentation and wearing it without authorization can be detrimental to one's health.
It is like the Native American Dream Weaver, where it catches only good dreams and weaves them into you when you sleep at night. The "Veil of Innocence" as I call it is for catching magickal energy flowing around the Enchantress.
So when you see this sitting next to the Enchantress, it be best to leave it alone.

Understand Esoteric Spiritualism and the power that the,
Veil of Innocence brings to you from the Spiritual Teacher

True Love and Affection:

Do you understand True Love and Affection? So many people who are barely learning would find it as copping a feel when I make the rounds and you put your hands on me.
If you understand my TRUE intent, then caressing on your part is not copping a feel. It is channeling my magick into you via your hands and my body.
You want to heal, then caress. You want energy flowing through you? Then caress all over. When the Enchantress (I love writing 3rd person in a flash) is charged with magick is the time to caress. She will slowly dissipate it over time and can re-charge it any time she feels most of it is gone!
Her intention is to connect and bond with you at many levels magickally, spiritually and that does require hands on to do it.
What happens if you caress the "Sacral Chakra" area and she becomes erotic in feeling. Then what you have done is sent back your energy to her and it will enhance and be sent back to you magickally. If you have an orgasm in the process, who cares, it is not shunned. It is not bad, it means the magickal energy exploded within you and you released it. Great for you! Maybe others can have that same thing happen to them in the near future.

Understand that erotic hugs does not mean sex. It means sexuality/eroticism and magick all in one. Let her become one with you and you will see and feel the difference. Her intention is TRUE LOVE and AFFECTION for her people!

The Spirit World and the Earthly World are one with the Spiritual Teacher


If you are Honest, Truthful and Transparent, people trust you. If people trust you, they have no grounds for Fear, Jealousy or Suspicion. ~

This is a representation of The Group and the Spiritual Teacher - Transparency
The group is clothed and she is not as it should be
Transparent (nude) of the Spiritual Teacher and the group clothed.
This also represents Submissive-Leadership as she serves her group
submissively. Her kneeling before her group in submission
Now as you walk towards the, "House of the Morning Star." You are aware of the life changes that will take place. You will see, feel and hear first hand of Magick in all its beauty. You understand the old Ways and you feel from the heart that it is what you need and want.
You know that to want something and powerful and as Spiritual as this way of life is going to take effort, commitment and dedication not only to the group but to yourself.

Yes we are a Cult:

You are not here to start a New beginning. You are here to start a New Ending!

My Spiritualism runs over like a cup overflowing with spiritual nectar. I am a Spiritualist and my sexuality is like a ball of fire ready to explode.
 I am a Spiritual Being on a Human Journey. What I have learned, I want to show you. I want to open that Spiritual Door but only you can pass through.
Come, hold my hand and let us walk together down this path of the Old Ways.

I Give You a Seed of Truth, nurture it and Grow! - Dr. Gale Candice

In Love and Light,

Gale Candice
~Masters of the Old World ~

Veiled and Transparent in Nature

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