Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dealing with MAGICK ~ Wiccan and Sorcery

Lately I have been hearing people ask why their spells are not working or barely working and what can be done to make them stronger.
From a Wiccan point of view, it can only be taken to a certain level then you leave the Wiccan arena and enter a different path (realm).

I practice Sorcery and that is much stronger but, one has to see the path within themselves to see, feel and understand the capabilities that one can achieve through magick and the ramifications that can happen if not properly used.

Wicca is a passive belief/practice and deals in passive type spells and enchantments, which can bring on good results on smaller things (positive things).
But when dealing with larger type situations where things have to be manipulated, it requires a different type of magick and Wicca falls short of that in many areas.

An example: A Wiccan Witch/High Priest/Priestess casts a protection spell for their coven. Under normal circumstances (if one truly believes) it should hold and work with good results. But, if a angry dark arts caster or a Sorceress decides to wreak havoc on the coven, the coven is vulnerable and their protection spell will not work due to the overwhelming power of the Magick involved. The Wiccan spell is not strong enough.

Also large tasks can take years to develop in a Wiccan coven due to the looseness and weakness of the magick spell cast. A Sorceress can see results in as little as the next day depending on the spell cast. Sorcery whether used for good or bad manipulates/forces the spirit world to do their bidding, where as Wiccan sends a request for assistance and depending on who answers will determine the results. One is passive and one is not.

I speak from experience and not just knowing this through hearsay. I had to fend off a dark arts caster from a Satanist group. Sad to say, that there were actually some fatalities involved (long story) and finally after 60 days of magickal wars involved, the High Priest spoke to me and said no more will be done against me. I agreed but with the stipulation that if I feel or see otherwise, I will finish this off. He agreed and I never had a problem again. Magick is powerful and people can get hurt when used wrongly. Unfortunately there were two fatalities involved and that is a high price to pay for not only them but for the families involved. But one can live and die by the sword!

NOTE: Let me say honestly, that if I was only practicing Wiccan, before I could readjust and maybe ask for help from someone, I would have been a victim and have gotten hurt or worse.

Many those who say they are Wiccan but will cast a "Love Spell" leaves the Wiccan arena even though they might say otherwise.
One has to understand the ramifications of a simple Love Spell. By making someone fall in love is against their will is NOT Wiccan and the Wiccan Rede of, "Harm No One" goes out the window.
The Karma starts for the spell caster and the person who the spell is put on starts to fight back and their destiny is being changed which goes against Esoteric Spiritual Laws and that disrupts those involved. What seems simple is NOT so simple when you look beyond what is taking place. Your using magick against someone's will and that is when you enter the dark arts while claiming your a Wiccan Witch and just doing a simple spell that you may think is innocent when in reality is dangerous for all involved.

Many people use magick to cast money spells. That is fine to a point because you can ask for it but it may take a long time to manifest. Why? Because where does that money come from? How did you acquire it? Did magick, magically make the money appear in your bank account? It has to come from somewhere. So does it come from someone who has plenty or from a poor man's savings account?
By saying or casting, "I WANT MONEY" will usually bring very little results because the passiveness of the spell cast. If you demand it, "I WANT MONEY NOW!" Then your not working within the Wiccan arena anymore because your not caring where it comes from just that it arrives NOW! That could mean that someone will lose it all and you gain it all from one or many. That is again dabbling into the darker arts arena and not Wiccan. You hurt someone by demanding. Understand and look beyond what your doing or attempting to do. This type of demand pattern is universal and works across the magick board on ALL spells.

Keep in mind, I am no spiritual guru. I could never wear a so called "halo" over my head. My Magick doesn't allow me to be that kind of pure and holistic. I have to constantly wipe my slate clean with penance and some kind of mortification of the flesh.
I practice for the betterment of all people and especially my group. But, my protection enchantments are strong and are backed up with Guardians, Hunters and Spirit Elemental Wolves. That means they can hurt a spell caster who wishes to hurt a certain person or group member. That is just what I do because I am not Wiccan and cannot and do not follow the Wiccan Rede. I would be a hypocrite to say or do otherwise.

Because I stick my head out and acknowledge who and what I am to help others here on my blog and Facebook, I am susceptible to  magick casting against me because I am more public than others who stay hidden. Well it happened about 3 weeks ago and within a day the spell was broken once I knew what was happening (I had a fever and was really starting to get ill over a 3 day period). I sent hunters to the spell caster to take care of it. Did they (spell caster) get hurt? Most likely. Did they re-cast the spell. They tried but didn't work. Are they paying a price (Forced Karma) on them? Yes! Do I know what was done? No and I don't need to know nor want to know what was done, but it is done and over with and yes, there could have been some collateral damage by sympathizers. 

I teach the Old Ways and the Old Religion. I teach about peace, love, honor and respect. I also carry a big stick if you know what I mean and it is used when needed.

I am poor and do not have lots of material wealth. I never demand money and only ask passively for financial prosperity. I am very strong in magick with good will, the touch of magick and good health. I am powerful in blessings and many can gain good magickal feelings from a long hug.
After a blessing of the elements and during a member blessing is when the power of magick is within me. That is the time to touch me.
I can never wear that halo because I do not tolerate people who judge and who haven't learned as an adult. When one snickers in my direction, the Spiritual Wolves (4 of them representing each element) leaves a spiritual mark on them. At the end of the week, I send a hunter to find all those who are marked and force karma on them. Some will realize and others will not. Does that give you the reason why I am no guru nor halo bearing Enchantress?

I am very knowledgeable in the Spiritual path, Esoteric laws and the different levels of magick from the goodness of white to the hurtful world of the dark. I have stepped in all and know where I stand in each realm.
Karma (Retribution) has slammed me hard in the past and I know that it will take many years to fully recover. It is nothing evil but I know what I talk about when I say a simple love spell or money spells can bring in karma and how the innocent intention can actually be hurtful to someone else.

Words of advice: Work within the reality of magick. Spell cast for financial prosperity and do not demand it. Let the Universe work its magick slowly, methodically so that no one gets hurt in the process.  Stay away from things like Love Spells and Curing people. You can spell cast for good health but not to cure. Heal but do not cure. Because if a terminally ill person time is up and you disrupt it, you hurt the person your trying to cure and you go against the Universal system that is already been written for that person.
Keep your Magick passive when spell casting. No, you might not get what you want quickly but over time it can very well happen.
If you want it NOW, remember the area your leaving and the realm your entering.

I Give you a Seed of Truth, nurture it and Grow ~ Dr. Gale Candice

In Love and Light,

Dr. Gale Candice