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Charging the Chakras ~ The Magick of Touch

Using the Chakras correctly by itself is powerful Spiritualism and can lead to many good things in regards to health, wealth, mental and physical prosperity. But there is no influential magick that takes place without a Mage present. So unless you know what your doing, nothing will really happen.
You will need a very quiet place to sit and meditate and that can be a very hard place to find if your home is busy all the time.
Another problem is that most would like to do this but many do not understand the concept.
Here is the chart on what the Chakras do and what part of the body is affected.

You can click to enlarge to read the charts if you like. 

Each Chakra from one through four (from the throat down) represents the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

In the Old Days, most of the tribal community didn't have the time to learn all the techniques of meditation and would rely on the Spiritual Teacher to charge those areas for the needs of each individual.
Modern times shows that you charge through self-discipline and through your own touch (mind touch) to regenerate the healing qualities needed.

Through Ancient Spiritual Magick it was done by touching the Spiritual Teacher who charged themselves with energy magick that could be distributed to the group/tribe.
Her/his spiritual energy is charged and the members then touch (caresses) that area of the teacher. With or without the teacher touching you, you then start the healing process or needed magickal energy depending on your circumstances or situation.
The duration of the magickal touch would depend on each individual

One must open the mind and become receptive to these magickal energies that will be given to you. Once the mind is open, then the process begins with the touch.

The feelings can flood the mind and body and can be overwhelming for first timers. All kinds of mixed emotions will flood the mind and it can be hard to process. Where you touch the enchantress will relate to where the Chakra will be charged on you. So caressing the chakra areas on the teacher will send magickal energy to your own chakra which will affect the intuition of the head and the crown of spiritual enlightenment.
You will feel energy enter you and can feel it from the tip of your toes, the knees, groin/crotch, stomach and right into the brain processor. One must stay open and in that magickal arena for the full effect to take place. The duration should be around 3-8 minutes depending on the person. 

This is usually done at every Group meeting after Spiritual Study, so that everyone can be charged until the next meeting.
The Chakra enrichment has been going on for thousands of years and roots back from the, Hindu and Buddhist are the only beliefs that still practice with the Chakras. In the Old Ways the name "Chakra" was called, "Light Points."
They are very powerful and magickal for the member and should be encouraged to participate in this magickal energy session.

The energy can bring on eroticism/sensuality but there is never a sexual seduction. There is surely a erotic which is sexual but it is an inducement and not a seduction. In the Old Days, it was never an issue but today, it has become an issue due to orthodox churches saying that it leads to sexual-ism and that leads to sin which is absurd and it is totally irrelevant. Remember, we are not Christians or Muslim. We are Spiritualists and we run on a whole different set of rules.
Modernizing The Old Ways and the Old Religions
So when you start out with "Chakra Magickal Energy", make sure you leave that old stagnated thinking at home. Because all it will do is hinder your progress.
The differences between the Old and Modern is that the Spiritual teacher throws in the eroticism which the modern style does not and of course Magick. Eroticism/Magick is like a key ingredient (like flour) in an type of magickal energy. It is powerful and enhances the enchantment.
The same can be achieved alone but only by a very few people who can take themselves to that place in their sub-conscious mind. The spiritual teacher can do that to a person in less than a minute with the "Magick of Touch."

The Magickal Energy Light Points (Chakras)
When done on a regular basis, the body, mind and Spirit will heal issues within and enhance one's health on many levels. This is True Magick at it's finest.

The 7 Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through. The flow must be kept flowing because blocked energy in our 7 Chakras can often lead to serious illness so it's important to understand what each Chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely.
Here's a summary of the 7 Chakras: From bottom to top of head.

1st. Root Chakra - Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded.
Location: Base of spine in tailbone area and from lower to upper buttocks.
Emotional issues: Survival issues such as financial independence, money, and food.
Qualities/Lessons: Matters relating to the material world, success, mastery of the body, grounding, stability, stillness, health, courage, patience
Negative issues: Self centered, insecurity, violence, greed, anger, tension in the spine, constipation
Element: Earth
Color: Red
Magickal Touch: Caress and touch the tail bone area and the upper to lower buttocks

2nd. Sacral Chakra - Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences.
Location: Lower abdomen, about 4 inches below the navel and the pubic area
Emotional issues: Sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure, sexuality.
Qualities/Lessons: Giving and recieving, emotions, desire, sexual/passionate love, change, movement, health, family, tolerance, working with others, humility
Negative issues: Over-indulgence in food or sex, jealousy, envy, desire to possess, impotence, uterine/bladder problems 
Element: Water
Color: Orange
Magickal Touch: Caress and touch the lower abdomen and pubic area

3rd. Solar Plexus Chakra - Our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives.
Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area.
Emotional issues: Self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem.
Qualities/Lessons: Will power, personal power, authority, energy, mastery of desire, self control, radiance, warmth, awakening, transformation, humor, laughter, immortality
Negative issues: Taking in more than one can utilize, too much emphasis on power and/or recognition, fear, hate, digestive problems
Element: Fire
Color: Yellow
Magickal Touch: Caress and touch the upper Abdomen area

4th. Heart Chakra - Our ability to love.
Location: Center of chest just above heart.
Emotional issues: Love, joy, inner peace.
Qualities/Lessons: Divine / unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, group consciousness, oneness with life, acceptance, peace, openness, harmony, contentment
Negative issues: Repression of love, instability, out of balance, heart problems, circulation problems
Element: Air
Color: Green
Magickal Touch: Caress and touch the chest and breast area

5th. Throat Chakra - Our ability to communicate.
Location: Throat.
Emotional issues: Communication, self-expression of feelings, the truth.
Qualities/Lessons: Power of the spoken word, true communication, creative expression in speech, writing and the arts. Integration, peace, truth, knowledge, wisdom, loyalty, reliability,  gentleness, kindness
Negative issues: Communication or speech problems, knowledge used unwisely, ignorance, lack of discernment, depression, thyroid problems
Element: All / Akasha
Color: Sky Blue
Magickal Touch: Within the Blessing Energy of the Spiritual Teacher

6th. Third Eye Chakra - Our ability to focus on and see the big picture.
Location: Forehead between the eyes. (Also called the Brow Light Point)
Emotional issues: Intuition, imagination, wisdom, ability to think and make decisions.
Qualities/Lessons: Soul realization, intuition, insight, imagination, clairvoyance, concentration, peace of mind, wisdom, devotion, perception beyond duality
Negative issues: Lack of concentration, fear, tension, headaches, eye problems, bad dreams, Overly detached from th world
Element: Light
Color: Indigo (Dark Blue)
Magickal Touch: Within the Blessing Energy of the Spiritual Teacher

7th. Crown Chakra - The highest Chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually.
Location: The very top of the head.
Emotional issues: Inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality, pure bliss.
Qualities/Lessons: Unification of the higher self with the human personality, oneness with the infinite, spiritual will, inspiration, unity, divine wisdom and understanding, esoteric enlightenment, perception beyond space and time, continuity of consciousness
Negative issues: Lack of inspiration, confusion, depression, alienation, hesitation to serve, senility
Element: Thought/Will
Color: Violet
Magickal Touch: Within the Blessing Energy of the Spiritual Teacher

The Magick of Touch. Transparency of the Enchantress and the Magick
Power behind it
Look over the list above and see where improvement is needed and focus on those areas at the next meeting when the "Magick of Touch" begins. Working on these areas will in time improve your health and mental state. If there are no areas that need focus, then let the magick empower you to keep your body, mind and spirit in tune.

If you have any questions, please ask.

In Love and Light,

Dr. Gale Candice
~Masters of the Old World ~

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