Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tid Bits to throw at You!

An Enchantress / Mystic
Words to think and live by. This is my "Tid Bit" blog of information for you.

Slut: The Definition of a woman with the morals of a man!

I had to throw that at you and get your attention and get your brain thinking and into gear.

The Old Religion which predates Christianity, druids and even further back. It is basically structured as it needs to be but there is a lot of lateral movement and not constrictive towards the overall group functions.

One of the main bases of a group is that the overall flavor is Eroticism and Sexual Spirituality. Many churches shun, ban and call it a sin to even go to these places that we will venture and re-learn the correct old ways of teaching. We are modern Pagans practicing the Old Ways. We are going to bring back what was banned and taken out of the Old Religion.
Let it be known, we are NOT Wiccan nor Satanist. We are also none that one wants to mess with or hate either. The Old Religion has many protectants against those who come after me or the group.

Speaking of Satanism. The Satanic Bible has words of merit to think about. Please read my article "Are you a Cult? Are you a Satanist?"

"Ishtar" is actually pronounced, "Ishtar." Many people leaped from Ishtar to a modern day word of Easter. After Ishtar the Neo-Pagan Germanic manuscripts changed the name from Ishtar to "Eostre' which is the Germanic Goddess of Fertility and Love and removed the "war" symbolism. This was easier for their own beliefs. But the origination does come from Ishtar and goes even further back in time to the Old Religion.


I found this and although it isn't really karma (a part of it), It should have been called, "Mirror of Laws" which would be more appropriate. It never the less has the correct meaning of the "Mirror of Laws."

The blending of Cultures is for the Enchantress to do for the followers. Keeping the Original Ideology and beliefs is sacred and of utmost importance to mankind in a modern world. For there is powerful magic under those buildings.

The paths we take determines your life's journey. Is one better than the other? Walk to the right and you shall understand man's beginnings and Esoteric Laws. Return to that fork or change in the road. Now, walk to the left with knowledge, wisdom and the world will blossom for you at all levels. The Dark becomes the light and the light shines upon you. Before you stands two paths. Most take the left in blind faith, without knowledge, wisdom and their world turns like the right path. Understand your new beginnings and the paths to take first.

THE ENCHANTRESS ~ None reach the Esoteric Laws without a lifetime of studying, meditating and learning. Then you can hold power and use it wisely for the good of mankind and to those who follow.
The Enchantress (Sorceress) knows how to manipulate her Guardians that come in many shapes and forms. They can help, assist and they can also destroy. These Guardians can create themselves to become real for the time needed and then return back to the Spirit world awaiting it's next task that the Enchantress may call upon them. They serve her as she serves them.

The Sorceress and one of her Guardians ~ The Lion
The Sorceress and one of her Guardians ~ The Beast
The Sorceress and one of her Guardians ~ The Dragon
Photo of me in 2002 and one of my Guardians ~ The large Leopard
The Enchantress is very receptive to the Spirit World. Many come in the night and stand by her as she sleeps. Some caress and lovingly fondle. It is that way in her world. None are evil or demonic because her guardians do not allow those to enter her world unless called upon. Understand, that it takes a great amount of energy and power to manifest her Guardian's.

Ancient Spirits bring love and Spirituality to the Enchantress
Even Intimacy can be done with the Spirit World
Submissive Leadership takes new and old original roles in the Old Religion. Submissiveness by the Enchantress makes her very powerful with receptivity in magical powers.

In the Old Religion, Sexuality and Eroticism are very powerful attributes that must start from the Enchantress and work its way into the tribe's belief. Then all will prosper and understand True-Love.
A leader nude
Eroticism of a Sorceress
Modern Day Satanist do not pray to Satan. The Satanism is a Symbol of freedom of oppression from mainstream religions that impose itself on the people. There is no devil worshiping or demonic cast spelling. Understand Satanist.

If any church or group actually practices and prays to Satan, then they fall under the fact page of myth and anti-christian.

Which brings me to another tid-bit to throw at you. 

I am a Mystic with full knowledge of Esoteric matters (well not all knowledge, but a lot). You read my writings, you see my signature, you have seen my face and people can actually document that they met me in person.
Now, lets change it a little and see what happens. All my writings do not have my signature, nor did I personally write them. Someone else did 70 to 100 years after I died. Everything they say about me becomes hearsay. I become a myth and if you follow my so called, writings, you follow my beliefs and religion. But at this point, I am still a myth through hearsay. People will write all about me 70 to 100 years after my death. But not one person actually documents that they ever met me. No one knows what I look like but here you quote my writings that I apparently never wrote. I am a Myth now and hearsay and I am a belief. More can be invented about me, like where I lived. Oh sure you can use some points of reference of where I lived and who was the president then. But, I am still a myth and not a fact of life or science. I am a myth of someone else's writings about me and what I believed in. You believe in what I didn't write but someone else wrote about me and what I might have said.
What about the Government? They have no records of me ever being alive during that time. No hospital records of me dying or even if I was put to death for that matter.
No records that the town I lived in ever existed during that time or after either. What about the other religions? Nope, they never heard of me either and I never challenged their religions. No one gathered in the thousands to hear me speak. Not one person recorded my sermons of teaching. But I am a belief and a myth through hearsay. Historical Gale Candice is a mythical Gale Candice of ideology and belief. Will you follow me now and say my word is Law?
Maybe someone added not only these writings, but also said I performed miracles of magic and healed people and that I could walk on water.
Maybe it could be told that I actually rose from the dead, but I would still only be a myth because it was only in writings and not Historical fact. Can Hearsay be a historical fact to believe in and follow as a faith? What does your common sense say? Your smart enough to figure it out or are you? But enough of my myth! I am real and I wrote these articles, doctrines and my religion is real with real followers far and wide.

Jesus of Nazareth! Wait! There is no place ever called,
"Nazareth" back then and now, Hmm! That is NOT
what he looks like either. No one wrote it down what he looked like. Why not?
This leads to the next quick tid-bit. If someone else wrote about a man 3,000 years prior at about the 2nd century (when the writing was written). Is it myth if not one person documented that he was alive? It is hearsay again and we all know that hearsay cannot be used in a court of law or in a court of religions.
But what about the surrounding government? Nope, they had no losses of Egyptian armies that were swallowed in the red sea. No documents that the man who brought thousands and thousands out of bondage in Egypt ever existed. No documents that the current Pharaoh at that time ever met this guy named Moses. No massive amounts of Jewish slaves were in Egypt building anything let alone monoliths or images of Ramses II. The Egyptians documented the life of Ramses II at the time he was alive and that meant he was real. It is written in stone! But it is never mentioned in any and all Egyptian writing about Exodus.

Moses parting the Red Sea, Wait! Before one can part the Red Sea, there has to be
Historical facts that he was even around. Since history shows that nobody
met him, no one knows what he looks like.
Okay, lets move on to? Umm wait a minute. If there is no evidence of Moses and there is actually no evidence (only hearsay) of Abraham, that means Ishmael could be a myth?
So, that says to me that the other book might have fallacies in it too? Could this be true? Well everyone knows that Mecca has been around for thousands of year and actually founded by Ishmael right? Nope! Mecca was not around before the 4 century A.D. Oh, oh.

Mecca in Saudi Arabia

Now wait a minute. I am ANTI-NOBODY! But give me some facts to go on please. The Prophet was written, hundreds of years after his death? Wow, that sounds familiar. Didn't I just mentioned this earlier in my blog up above?
Not one documented person wrote about him or what he looks like. Wow, there we go again with hearsay, myth and belief.

Starting out with the most obvious question: did a Muhammad actually exist, or not? The only positive conclusion which we can be at all sure of is that a Muhammad did live in the 620s and 630s, that he was a warrior who led followers to many victories, and that the names of some people and battles have been preserved, but nobody knows what he looks like and no documents have ever been found during his life on earth to account for him at these battles. Again, they were written hundreds of years after his death.

Even the existence and role of the city of Mecca - the holiest city in Islam - is highly questionable. In traditional Islamic writings, Mecca is portrayed as a large, wealthy trading center full of activity and interchange. So why is there no mention anywhere in non-Muslim sources of a city called Mecca in the place where the current city of Mecca exists?

And if they really were "middleman" in long-distance trade routes, the traders and customers would have mentioned the city and its inhabitants - but we can find no such mentions. And the site of the current city of Mecca is not anywhere close to where trade routes passed. Caravans would have had to travel long out of their way to stop over at the current Mecca. It certainly didn't serve as a place of sanctuary and pilgrimage, as is also often claimed.

Yet traditional and ancient Muslim sources all testify to the opposite of these findings. It is very unlikely that those sources are accurate in these vital details - and this means that we have to be very skeptical about their ability to provide accurate information in other areas as well.

These two religions basically hate each other yet, the Old Testament of the Bible and the first part of the Qu'ran are identical almost word for word.
Also there is no historical Abraham and that is the key to both religions. I think I will leave it at that and move on. It is something to think about though.

Dark Arts: Dark Represents things you cannot see like walking in the Dark. The Dark Arts are done without prying eyes and if your not an initiate, then you see nothing. It is like trying to read with the lights off. Dark does not always mean evil as Hollywood and paranoid churches have you believe. There is nothing demonic with the word, "Dark."

Understand my plethora of knowledge that I convey to you. It is not bad nor is it good depending on who you are (the reader). It is indifferent with many different meanings involved. But with an open mind you can grasp where I come from. I am real and what I write is real whether you wish to believe it or not. Remember, I am not here to paint you some fantasy dreamscape that isn't real and have you believe in myth or hearsay. The Old Religion is real and there are stone writings, tablets and huge monoliths that remains for all to see. All other religions through the ages come from that wonderful place in the Old Religion. I rather frolic with the original than with copies of copies that in time got it all mixed up and became myth or hearsay. How about you?

"I Give you a Seed of Truth, nurture it and Grow!"

In Love and Light

Dr. Gale Candice
~Masters of the Old World ~

We are forever etched in stone. Learn our Wisdom.
~Masters of the Old World ~