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The Dragon! A Symbol of Wisdom & Understanding

The Dragon: Wisdom, Pure Spirituality, Knowledge, Power, Magic
and originates from the Old Religion
If you have noticed that I just added a photo of a dragon on the blog after my articles. I feel that the dragon is a purification of eternal wisdom and Spirituality. Here is more information for you.

The Dragon in Spiritualism

In western culture, the dragon is traditionally depicted as a powerful, mystical guard over treasure or a savage beast which likes to wreak havoc over the surrounding countryside. This negative image comes from the use of the word to describe Satan in the Bible. 

In eastern culture, the dragon is a benevolent symbol, representing wisdom and power, usually with many magical abilities. They are depicted as wise and helpful entities, much to the contrast to their western kin. In China they represent royalty and are often worn by the emperor.

This is one of the most easily recognized mythical beasts. It is also a pervasive symbol in a variety of cultures, giving rise to many interpretations about exactly what a dragon is, what it represents, and how it behaves. It can be associated with good luck, fortune and wisdom, or with bad luck, elemental evil and heresy. Carl Jung would have called the dragon a symbol of the universal unconscious, since so many cultures have myths associated with a dragon, or dragon like beasts.

The dragon is personification of Sulfurous and is by far the male element. Since the dragon is said to impregnate himself by swallowing his tail, then the tail is the male organ and the mouth is the female organ.  The winged dragon represents personal obstacles that must be overcome to insure a more-perfect being; thus, leading to the saying: “You conquer the dragon or he will conquer you.”   We see that Jung did, certainly, inspire awareness of the connections between modern psychology and ancient spiritual practice.  Some credit the Chinese as the inventors of the dragon. The origins of dragon lore are a matter of some debate. It is known that at least as far back as 300 BCE, some bones of prehistoric animals were labeled as coming from dragons. In Christianity the dragon is generally a symbol of evil, a demon or the devil. The most famous Christian legend is that of St. George slaying the dragon.

Much of dragon lore tells us that dragons were loathsome beasts and evil enemies to humankind. But dragons were born of a time other than men, a time of chaos, creation out of destruction. The dragon is a fabulous and universal symbolic figure found in most cultures thought the world. The dragon is pure Spiritual wisdom and contains esoteric qualities that so many people miss or do not understand.

Symbology of the dragon:

Gnostics: “The way through all things.”

Alchemy: “A winged dragon – the volatile elements; without wings – the fixed elements.”

Guardian of the ‘Flaming Pearl” symbol of spiritual perfection and powerful amulet of luck.

Chinese: “The spirit of the way”‘ bringing eternal change and great wisdom.

Old Religion: Used through Magic and Symbolism

In Scripture the term dragon refers to any great monster, whether of the land or sea, usually to some kind of serpent or reptile, sometimes to land serpents of a powerful and deadly kind. It is also applied metaphorically to Satan.

The Egyptians used the serpent in their hieroglyphics as a symbol of wisdom. Probably the thing in which Christ directed his followers to imitate the serpent was in its caution in avoiding danger. No animal equals them in the rapidity and skill which they evade in escaping danger. So said Christ to his disciples, You need caution and wisdom in the midst of a world that will seek your lives. Understand the serpent and it's wisdom.

Connecting and Learning Wisdom through the Old Religion and the Dragon

The Dragon is a symbol in some cultures of magical fertility and representing the male and female. The ying/yang, the duality and two spirits that are one.

When used properly, the Dragon can assist those initiates to help others and to protect not only oneself but many. By connecting with the powerful Guardian, one can then learn it's wisdom and apply it to the world. A spiritual leader can teach the wisdom of the dragon and one can learn cosmic consciousness through his/her esoteric teachings.

Understand the symbolism and power of the dragon and it's teachings.

I give you a seed of truth, nurture it and grow.

With Love,

Dr Gale Candice

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