Thursday, January 24, 2013

Understanding Esoteric Spiritualism

In touch with a Esoteric Spiritualist
I have mentioned this before in a couple of other articles about learning “Esoteric Spiritualism” and who should have this initiated information. This article here is to give you a better understanding of my teachings and esoteric spiritualism.
What is Esoteric Spiritualism? The word esoteric comes from the Greek work esoterikos meaning inner or from within. Basically, esoteric has to do with information or knowledge that is understood by a select few individuals or group of people. Esoteric knowledge may consist of teachings and doctrines handed down from a teacher to the initiated. This knowledge may require an inner realization, either from insight, intuition or meditation/contemplation in order to understand it fully. Esoteric spiritualism, in a nutshell, would consist of any or many religions or spirituality that centers on an awareness or knowledge that is obtained through intuition or meditation and shared with a select group of followers.
Throughout history, western esoteric spiritualism has been connected with diverse movements such as the Orphic tradition, the Eleusinian mysteries, the School of Pythagoras, Gnostic Christianity, neo-Platonism, the Hermetic Tradition, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy and Occultism. There are many branches to the tree of esoteric spirituality and it encompasses many different topics such as: Alchemy, Astral Projection, Astrology, Clairvoyance, ESP, Hermeticism, Intuition, Kabbalah, the different forms of Magic, Metaphysics, Mysticism, Numerology, Séances, Occult, Rosicrucianism, Tarot and the Western mystery tradition, just to name a few.

Learning Esoteric Spiritualism/Law and who should
know it
Esoteric Spiritualism has to do with spiritual development from within. Its greatest teachers, i.e., Pythagoras, Hermes, Plato, Plotinus, and including Jesus have taught that the soul can expand the boundaries of every day consciousness and experience higher levels of awareness all the way to cosmic consciousness. The essence and of their teachings were esoteric and given to a select inner group of followers or disciples. Pythagoras had his inner group of followers called the mathematiikoi who were given the guarded secrets of the cult. Hermes’s esoteric teachings were only given to those who were initiated. Jesus taught his deepest truths to his disciples. Jesus said; do not throw your pearls before swine. In other words, do not throw your pearls of wisdom to those who would not understand them and then trample them. This is the essence as to why esoteric teachings were only given to a select few. Certain information was only given to those who were ready to receive it. This is one of the main differences between esoteric spirituality and exoteric spirituality. Exoteric spirituality was meant for the public and is about the external teachings of spirituality. Esoteric spirituality is meant for the inner spiritual development of the soul.

Understanding the exoteric spiritualism will lead one to esoteric spiritualism and that is when and where one becomes one with the universe and the cosmic consciousness that enriches the mind and soul and creating the unity of one.

By learning through your journey through life that, esoteric spiritualism cannot be learned quickly and that each step takes its course to enlighten you, then you can create that goal towards the path you take.
Like the ancient followers of their spiritual leaders, it takes complete effort on the follower’s part to reach that esoteric spiritualism. It takes dedication and believing in your Spiritual Leader and following their teachings religiously so to speak.
I do not only speak for myself, but also for all Spiritual Leaders who are willing to teach Esotericism to his or her group of followers. Understand what is needed by you to reach that consciousness and being not only initiated by your spiritual teacher but also by the ancient society of mystics who have been here for you since the dawn of man. Once you become initiated by your spiritual master, then you will be recognized by the universal cosmic consciousness and the ancient society and become one with/of them because your spiritual leader is a part of the mysterious society and the universal consciousness.

A Spiritual Leader in Mystical Prayer/Ritual
Realize what you must throw away and then collect to journey on your path of life. Understanding the ancient arts, the western arts, the eastern arts are all one, and then you will take hold and do great things for mankind.

So many people are scared to death of the mysterious arts that have been given to us to learn and to teach. But to understand, one must now make the step towards Spiritualism. Then and only then can you find esoteric spirituality.

I give you the seed of truth, nurture it and grow. ~ Candice

With Love,

Dr. Gale Candice Revilla
aka Candice ~ Spiritual Teacher


  1. Excellent! So informative, and in my opinion, accurate. Well done.

  2. Thank you Pastor David for the compliment and comment.