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The 1950's Household then and now

The 1950 Household era
The 1950’s – Early 1960’s Household (what many know and don't know)

I thrive on self discipline and I walk among the earth with a passive/submissive attitude towards everyone. Just know that it doesn’t mean that I submit to everyone. It is my demeanor that I talk about. It’s that respect that everyone, is entitled to in my opinion. Some things have been lost in the modern day shuffle of everyday existence. One of those is the way the nucleus of how home was run. Let me explain a bit more about the 1950 household scenario.
You want to see a typical 1950’s- early 60’s household? Just watch TV Land’s late at night programs like, “Leave it to Beaver,” Father knows best,” “Donna Reed Show” and shows like, “Ozzie and Harriet.”
Those are classic 1950’s- early 1960’s household. The husband/father was the head of the house, the wife was a stay at home mom and when he came home, dinner was ready, house was cleaned and his smoking jacket and slippers were by his favorite chair. She had makeup on and was dressed in nice attire. The kids were clean and they ran to Dad when he entered the house.
You never saw it on TV, but when it came to punishment, it was normally over the knee or with a switch/twig from a tree. Many times it was just a belt. But, on TV you’re not going to see that or even have it implied. It went without saying since most homes lived this way.

Depending on the home would depend on if the wife/mom was included in the punishment. Some girls/kids were punished with a belt but most were by the man’s hand. The boys were scolded more often and if corporal discipline was needed it was with a switch or riding crop type instrument. Many of the boys kept their pants on and just basically bent over to be punished. Since the switch or crop was more painful and could cut skin easier the pants remained up. Although in some homes there was an exception.
Some wives/mom’s were punished after hours or when the kids were not around. Just depended on the husband/father and how he was raised. She was also punished with a belt or paddle and never with a switch or riding crop.

From an actual magazine ad
In the movies of the 1940’s, 1950’s and early 60’s showed men swatting their wives or their woman. It was encouraged and no one said otherwise. The Sexual revolution of the mid 60’s to early 70’s changed how women were to be treated and the so called, 1950 household vanished into the sunset. The feminist movement called it degrading but was it really?

It made no difference what religion or race you were. The norm for thousands of years where the man was the man and the woman looked up to the man. Again there were exceptions. All religions have some say in this ideology that held for centuries.

Today with the sexual revolution in place, men don’t know how to behave anymore. They don’t have a clue on how to approach women. 4 out of 5 marriages end in divorce and Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars. Communication between the sexes has stopped and the 40 year marriage is only heard about with grandpa and grandma who lived the 1950 household scenario.
The kids use to answer with a “yes sir / no sir” and/or “yes ma’am / no ma’am” to all adults. How often do you hear that today? Only the Military is still demanding this kind of respect? What happen to the parents? Oh yeah, they revolutionized and got lost in the shuffle. I have seen kids cursing at their parents and throwing the finger at them. I have seen kids having fits of rage in stores and the embarrass parent trying to calm the child down. The words of, “wait till your father hears about this,” is a distant memory. That when the child got home, they knew that dad would correct them. They feared and respected good ole’ dad. Not anymore from what I have seen in stores.

Oh I hear about abuse but that wasn’t the majority, that was a minority and it still goes on today. The majority of people do not abuse women or children. You only hear about the infractions in the local news. But there are millions of others who do not abuse.

Even Elvis followed the 1950 lifestyle
I was born in 1956 and I was part of that 1950 household scenario. I remember looking at magazines that showed a woman bent over the man’s knee and getting spanked for not getting the right coffee. I saw it in John Wayne movies and even Elvis spanked his woman. She was not abused although the feminist would say it is degrading and I personally disagree. It is only degrading; if treated with degradation involved and if malicious intent and lack of respect towards her or the kids, then that is abuse and degrading. Then and only then in my opinion are the feminist right in their assumptions about degradation of the woman.
Actual Film Poster
From the actual film clip
If a woman were to go back to that type of lifestyle (1950), it would have to be prearranging only because it is no longer a typical lifestyle. If she (the woman) was put over her man’s knee for punishment and she tells her girlfriends, they would be ranting and raving about allowing him to swat her. Is she nuts to allow that? He is abusing her! He has no respect for her. He only thinks of himself. How dare he do that to her. I can go on and on but I think you get the jest of what I am saying.

I recently told a friend of mine that I remember the Sunday that my mother wore some real nice looking slacks to church. After services, she got the 3rd degree by church leaders that my mother is not dressed appropriately for church. From now on she is to wear a skirt or dress and the hem is to be below the knee. That was part of the 1950 attitude that everyone had.

A year later after when she was told about her slacks, everyone was wearing slacks to church and hems were at mid thighs. It was the mid 1960’s and the sexual revolution was in full swing.
I remember being in middle school (junior high) and getting swatted by a big paddle. It was either lift your skirt or drop your pants for punishment. In many ways, that was good because it wiped my slate clean and I paid the price. By the end 1971 swatting students in school was banned and never heard from again. At least that was the law at my school, (My last swat at school was in early 1971). Hands off the students! There were a couple of times I could have used a good swat while in high school but times had already changed and that was never going to happen again.

So, do I believe in the 1950 household? Well, to some degree yes. I feel like I am the only person on this planet besides the military that says, “Yes sir” and “yes ma’am” to people in general all the time. Some quickly say not to answer them like that because they are not old. Age has nothing to do with good ole’ standard respect that I feel everyone is entitled to.

I believe in penance for myself for infractions that I may have brought on. My purity and belief wipes my own slate clean and I can carry on feeling free of guilt and that is a wonderful feeling for me.

I think the times have changed but we can cling on to some good standards that were used back then. I don’t find it degrading at all getting a swat. I find it invigorating and knowing that all will be well when done and over with.

I cannot recommend this for you but it is something for you to toy with and think about. Understand me and you will understand my ideology and insight. There was a reason to have a 1950 type household. It was standard the world over and the ideology was a staple for centuries. If it was so bad, it would have ended thousands of years ago. Remember, it has only been about 50 years ago that the beginning of the end of the 1950 household came to a complete halt.
It had merit and some things should have remained but some how got lost completely in the shuffle of modern times.

I feel many parents and adults are lost today and trying to find a solid foundation for themselves and their families. It is hard when the ground keeps shifting and you keep adjusting. Find that solid rock that will not shift like the sand and create that foundation needed for you and your family. Modernize the 1950 household and maybe that could be the answer you seek.
Society stills hold on to remnants of the old system. It is like marriage and how the woman changes her last name to his last name. That is the old ideology of ownership. It is still MR. and MRS. Not reversed. It is still Mrs. John Doe. In time, that may change as well.

Look for that old foundation that worked. Modernize it and set your family values on it with positive thinking and effort to make it happen. Your family might even thank you for bringing some functionality to the home.

Family time at the dinner table.
So how or where does one begin to bring a solid foundation to the home? How do you modernize it?
  • Make the home the nucleus and always a sanctuary for all family members
  • Any type of corporal punishment is done only when the situation is extreme and calls for it. Time out doesn't work on every child or even adult
  • Turn cell phones and TV off during dinner time
  • All family members are to sit at the dinner table for talk and eating during dinner time (it's family time).
  • Try to have the adults and children answer each other with Yes and No and not just a yeah or Whatever.
  • Tell each other that you love them
  • When an adult comes through the door from work, never ignore their entry. Stop what your doing and greet them and ask how their day went.
  • Take the time to walk over to your children and see what they are doing in a given evening. Show your interest in them. This also includes adults.
  • Make at least one day a week as family time and make and outing or create a family event. Go for a ride together, go visit a relative or just go to the park together and hang out as a family. Even Video Game night can be fun for everyone.
Modernize and make it Video Night for the entire family!
These are just starter guidelines for you. Create your own ideas and implement them into your family. Bring back some of the good values that the 1950 household had.

For the Woman: Most women inherently like to be passive. We are the nurturers and the softer side to a harsh world. Oh sure there are exception but because of those exception many women fell into the pit of feminism and are totally lost. The cut throat attitude of that exceptional woman is just not in them. We need to climb out of that pit we were all thrown into and start living the way we are suppose to or feel most comfortable. That does not mean being abused, but discipline in the home. If that means a punishment of the woman, then so be it. It is even written in the bible that it is okay as long as there is no abuse. There is no opression when it is done right. If that means a few belt stripes on your but, so be it, as long as he is a good man all will be well.

The Man: Many men do not know how to control themselves when it comes to power. Just look at the corruption at the government level. A humble man is a powerful man. A loving man is a strong man. A man to does not take for granite what he has in his relationship with a woman and his family. A Stern hand and at times strict and other times, very liberal and easy going.

A 1950's Ad
Today in some homes that brought back some 1950's
and modernized it.
Now keep in mind this can be reversed as well as long as it remain the same balance. It is called, FLR = Female Led Relationship. Again you use the 1950's household ideology.

In Conclusion: To some of you this is pure evil and to others this is how you feel you belong in your home. This has nothing to do with any kink like BDSM or D/s households. This ideology goes back before the bible was even written. Many women belong on the front line fighting beside the men while other don't want anything to do with front line fighting.

This has nothing to do with equality in the work place, wages, pro-choice and all the other current issues of today. This is just for the home-life and creating a good foundation that grandma and grandpa had, that has been lost in the last 50 or so years. Women get to be who they are nurturing and taking care of the family and man in their life. Women are born caregivers and for good reason. Men just can't do it. Their brains don't work that way and believe it or not, they would fall apart over time. Again, there are exceptions to everything I say here.

It is up to you as a man or a woman to either stay in the pit of feminism or climb out and say that is not for me. It is the same with the man. Know who you are and what you need and set those goals accordingly. Be loving, humble, strong and at times, strict. If you can't do it, then stay in the pit and figure you out because, a woman out of the pit is looking for those characteristics and if you don't have it as a man, you are headed for disaster.

Think about what has been said here because you do have options.

In Love and Light,

Dr. Gale Candice
~ Masters of the Old World ~

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