Friday, April 14, 2017

We are here, active and making changes right now.

For years I have as well as others have been writing and talking about what is to come. Where are the Star Seeds? Where are the Indigo and Crystal, people? - WE ARE HERE! The Rainbow children are still too small in age for the most part to make an impact but depending on us will determine if they continue as foretold.

The Neanderthal's became extinct because they could not adapt to the fast evolutionary pace that the Homo-Sapiens were moving and they faded out into history.

Now the NEW evolution of man is taking place again that started big time around 2008. The LGBTQI is the new evolution of man. The New Neanderthals are the conservative right wing who think that anything LGBTQI is an Abomination. One out of four children are LGBTQI and the rate is rising almost daily. The New Neanderthals cannot adapt like before and you know what happen to the first Neanderthals.

We are the New Evolutionary Children of the future and of mankind. We are the LGBTQI and the Indigo's are paving the way for us.We grow in numbers every day. Listen to the Indigos or your kind will fade away.

So, as an adult, where do you stand? Are you a Neanderthal or part of the LGBTQI as a New Evolutionary or as a supporter?

I have mentioned this was coming way back in my blog articles and was read by only a few. Why? Because you looked at my view as some kind of wishy-washy fiction and now it is here for real as I had stated back then.

I am a Star Seed - Indigo - Alpha and my brothers and sisters are paving the way for the changes that will come. The Torch carriers are the Millenials or the Crystal people. My generation is to tear apart everything and leave everything in shambles, the Crystals are here to organize (clean up) the new changes and the rainbow children who will become an adult by then, will heal the population. The New Neanderthals will be pushed out and they will fade away, like before.

The first civil rights movement was in the 1960's and I was there. It was about human rights and equality for the blacks and minorities and to stop a war. I guess we didn't get them all. So we will start up again and do it right.

Understand and really think about this people. The LGBTQI is the New Evolution of mankind. You might hate this and that is because you're part of the Neanderthal Generation and hate change. Your holy books mean nothing and don't apply to this new kind of man.


So, who the hell is producing these LGBTQI people anyway? Is there some kind of fortress where they come out of? Some kind of clone machine making LGBTQI children?

Nope, they are coming from you and you cannot stop it unless you kill all the LGBT children which is impossible to do because many will be your own children.
Former Vice President Dick Cheney is a right wing conservative and a Neanderthal, but he produced a Lesbian daughter. I know of a conservative Pastor who has 4 kids and three of them are LGBTQI children. No, the new evolution is taking place out of straight people, liberals, and conservatives alike.

So I ask again, where do you stand? Because one way is going to either embrace you or they are going to watch you fade away. If you stay Neanderthal, know that your days are numbered. Look around, many already know what's happening. My people are ripping the very fabric of what you know to make way for the new Evolutionary Advancement of humanity.

The Neanderthals screams and claws at trying to take away all human rights. They are willing to kill millions to keep their small agenda of power.
They will create wars to distract you from facing them toe to toe. But it is a lost cause. We are here and the LGBTQI are here to stay. Other worlds need to know we have Advanced enough to meet them and adapt to new ways of living and thinking.

Know this - LGBTQI people are being produced by NON-LGBTQI parents.

"Colored people is a thing of beauty and it has nothing to do with how smart you are or you religious type. Where I am from, there are so many colored people of the Rainbow. You will see when you have evolved enough."

This is just the beginning. We haven't even come close to the middle of this thing of beauty. Right in front of you, every single day you read about how the Neanderthals are at war with the LGBT.
Do you have feelings? Where do you stand with the likes of "Logan?" You know who Logan is. There is a movie out called "Logan." Do you hate him because he is part of the evolution of mankind? The X-Men are the LGBTQI. The beginning stages of it. The Neanderthals hated them because they were different. Do you stand with the X-Men?

Do you see the story being told right in front of you? Look at the stars, we are finding life out there. Look at all the drawings of aliens of the tall gray, the blue and even the reptilians. They are out there somewhere.

There are many types and skin color
Are you going to hate them too like you do with Browns, Blacks, and Yellow skin Neanderthal?

You need to understand where you stand will create your destiny and fate. Hate and Right wing crap are Neanderthal thinking. Racism and bigotry are neanderthal beliefs.

Understand what is taking place not only on our planet but within our universe. The Evolutionary children are here and growing by the numbers daily. The Rainbow children are growing up fast and it is up to the Indigo like myself to rip this world apart of the Neanderthals who have suppressed the innocent for far too long. Time of change is here and now.

Think twice from now on Neanderthal. The New Mankind is here and growing faster every single day. The LGBTQI are the new evolution of man. Do not think for a minute that you outnumber the LGBT. You don't and your day has come and gone.

The Evolution of man and the new Transgender and the entire LGBT.
Modern man is changing into both male and female and it is a good thing. You can't change what is happening with bigotry, hate, and racism.
The LGBT is filled with all kinds of new genetics that are designed to adapt to our new world and outside worlds. It makes us stronger, not weaker. Just look what they are doing in national protests when you try to take away their rights. You hate it because they move faster, they think quicker and they take no shit from Neanderthals.
Major companies are seeing who they are and are quickly now making changes to adapt to the new standards that are taking place and supporting the LGBT. States are backing them and they grow each day in numbers.

No religion on earth is strong enough to take on the LGBT. It is not a matter of religious beliefs rather Genetics and genetics have nothing to do with religion.

Look at the politics in easy terms. The Progressives are on the move and will tear apart the old and replace it with the new outlook. It has to happen so that we can evolve. It is not just happening in the USA, it is happening worldwide. Even the Pope is backing the LGBT now, so it is telling you something.

Now go sit down and think real hard. Are you in or an outcast? Oh, you won't be alone as an outcast but in time you will all fade away as evolution rolls up its sleeve. We have to be ready to challenge the stars as we are already. There is life out there and bigotry and racism have no place in the universe.

Where do YOU STAND?
In Love and Light,

Dr. Gale Candice Revilla

Dr. Gale Candice - Indigo
We come in all colors!
And the Indigo will tear apart the corruption and greed, the Crystals will reorganize and the Rainbows will heal the people.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Are you a True Leader?

So, are you a true leader? Do you think of others while you lead? Do you lead to enhance your pockets or ego?

True leaders have integrity. Integrity is the very core of their influence. Living the values they profess to believe is what gives them credibility and allows others to place their trust in them.

In the last 45 years of studying and teaching, one must have a balance within themselves to be able to lead others. Again, the Yin/Yang is brought up. One cannot be a true leader without knowing and understanding how to serve.

That is the problem with the leaders of today. They only think of themselves and never empowering their followers/servants/employees.


This is Ancient Universal Law that so many people forget and the people/followers suffer.

In Spiritualism it is the same except in my case, I do take it a bit further with being humble and keeping the balance, (Yin/Yang).

Even Jesus and Budda have said this over and over. Leadership requires learning and serving and then applying that leadership.

So, go and lead but understand and appreciate those who follow your lead or you will find yourself alone with no followers.

In Love and Light,

Gale Candice
Masters of the Old World

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Making the leap to Spiritualism and the Ancient Arts.

I have recently talked to several people who said that they have left their religion and now taking up Spiritualism. I was happy for them but as I talked more and more to them, I noticed that they still clung to their former religion.

How many of you do the same thing? How many of you say you have changed but not really because you base everything off the religion you were supposed to have left?

Old beliefs of the church you haven't fully let go
You cannot claim one thing a then go against it with another. Esoteric Universal Enlightenment becomes cloudy and the clarity of water becomes mud.

Unless you're making a pun, you can't use the term, "What would Jesus do?" and still walk the path that you have chosen.

Traditional thinking, traditional training has taught you to base any belief or spiritual journey on your previous religion. You stand on the embankment by the river but refuse to take the plunge afraid of what might happen if you do.

Leaving the Kingdom of my heaven?
You cannot run two paths because a conflict of interest will slam into each other. One says you cannot follow that path because I am the truth. The other says, look, here is the truth. So which one is true? Well, you know very little of Spiritualism, but know the other one because you grew up with it. So you revert back and change never happens.

Let's look at some quick facts to help you. When I look back and compare religious beliefs, I end up back thousands upon thousands of years long before Christianity, Islam, Hindu, and the others were around. So, the truth can be found further back than those traditional religions. Some if not all of them hold some truths that have been carried over from their distant paths but they don't tell the full story.
You don't have to believe that the earth is 4.5 billion years old. So, to save argument, let's put it at a couple hundred thousand. We know it is way beyond 6-7000 years (The Bible). Just by the culture, writings, and architect.
We have also seen building blocks that no one knows how they were placed or built. From stone walls to giant monoliths.

We know the truth is way back in time and forgotten because the newer traditions in Spiritualism and religions has taken hold with a death grip. People are actually killing each other over it. Mine is right, no mine is right and you will die because you don't believe in my beliefs.

This makes a point if nothing else
The teaching of the ancient arts from the Masters of the Old world say, do not to try unto those who are not willing to learn. It is like throwing a ball against the wall. It will bounce and strike back.
Many times I just stand idly by and watch people lose themselves in blind hatred, jealousy, suspicion and so called righteous religious beliefs.

Magick and Spiritualism go hand in hand. Long ago the sight of magick disappeared. No, it did not leave it just left the sight of the eyes. Like when you watch Lord of the Rings and all the special magick effects are taken out. It is still there, you just can't see it. It was done for a reason.
To many Mystics were tortured if they did not do the kings bidding. They could see what we could do in destruction as well as healing. They wanted to control that. So, when the powers vanished from the eyes, after awhile they all stated, If I can't see it, it isn't real.

That is how you live today. You hear about magick or powerful spiritualism but since you can't see it with the eyes, it doesn't exist. It took a church and millions of expenses to convince you that it does exist but only with a very few people. So you must follow those righteous people or burn in hell for eternity.

We Mystics and Shamans from the Old World stand idly and watch you poor souls fight among each other for one reason or another. The USA is in turmoil at the moment and divided. A civil war is breaking out and yet, we can do nothing and will not except help pick up the pieces.

We have learn-ed long ago to not meddle in government politics. Too many of have died over it. The people are engrossed with their pettiness that they would disregard everything being said and corruption runs amok.

I am a modern day mystic/shaman but I know I have to walk softly and only speak words of wisdom to those who want to hear them. The rest are like those Orcs, just hating each other because of dumb differences and using their religion as a crutch to hurt others.

Change is not easy, but when you do finally make the change, it then takes an effort to renew oneself and re-learn a new way. Even though the new way is very, very ancient and goes back thousands of centuries.

The Ancient Arts goes back thousands and thousands
of years before this book was ever written.

Yes we did have books but, your religion and your beliefs were so paranoid that we were part of your Satanic belief, that we must all be burnt at the stake and our books of knowledge were to be burned.
Remember what your god said in the 10 commandments (paraphrasing), "I am the lord and your god, there shall be no other god before me for I am a jealous god."

That alone tells you that there are other powers out in the world that god didn't like and is weary of. Well besides being a jealous god (Something a god should never be unless there is a reason for it). It also tells you that the god is not alone and the most powerful being in the universe. There are others that he knew about.

Your church/religion believes is us more than you do. Although they are wrong that we are demons or demonic or have anything to do with Satan. They believe we are real and they are right, we are real. You're too busy with the outside world to notice us among you. There are not a lot of us left, but we are here.

The cosmos and the Spirit World is very, very powerful and it professes that there are rules and regulations that we must follow to keep order in the world and across the stars. Your god is a part of that only because before anyone ever heard of your god, there were others who were considered gods and they really weren't. They were very powerful people with exceptional powers and the simple folk saw this and called them gods.

Do you want to follow the path of Spiritualism and the dark arts? Then you have to wipe away your conservative traditional church teachings. Are you afraid of Sexuality? Many are afraid of their own skin and that alone is a perfect example of your conservatism and traditional thinking. That is a perfect example to use and apply it to you.

What would the neighbor think if they knew you attended in Spiritual meeting and your teacher was wearing see thru clothing? How uncomfortable does it make you? Can you focus on the teaching and what is being said? Its all about comfort zones. The teacher knows exactly what is going on. He or she is taking you into another realm and that means losing comfort for awhile.

I promise you if you attend a few meetings after awhile you will not even notice that he/she has breasts or that you can see his genitals clearly. It washes away with your new comfort level and those teachings being told becomes more focused.
I have done this many times and being a two-spirit, I promise you, that you got an eye full in the beginning. Some never returned and that is good because their commitment wasn't what they seem to be projecting. I took them out of their comfort zone and some ran off. Those who stayed started to learn and were no longer distracted with my genitalia. It was when I wore opaque clothing that they noticed and asked if something was wrong. Good students I must say.

So what does Spiritualism teach and what do I leave behind? Grab 100 Bibles and the Korans and place them on a large table. Now, let's grab the knowledge of the Ancients and put that into book form. The books could not all be brought into the room. The knowledge is vaster than those 100 Bibles and Korans combine. The Dark Arts, Universal Spiritualism crosses the vastness of space and walks across the cosmos.

The Spiritual and Dark Arts teachings:

Each feather has several levels to learn with each level giving you enlightenment.

So does this mean you walk through life as some passive zombie getting ran over at every street corner by some aggressive, hateful idiot?
Not at all. Remember Gandalf from Lord of the Rings? He was passive but when needed, he had to power to kill and protect and cure. But he had to know about humility and being humble first and foremost. He had to know the Yin/Yang. The opposite of humbleness is arrogance. He had to understand that. The Yin/Yang of passive/submissive is assertive/dominance.
His leadership is very much like it is with the "Masters of the Old World."

I am subservient and try to be humble always and still I teach and lead. You must learn assertiveness and dominance before you can lead humbly. Why? So that you can use the wisdom to help others as well as bring self-assurance and a higher spiritual self-esteem. As humans, we must experience things to learn.
Understand, you cannot gain experience and maintain balance until you experience the other side of it. Yin/Yang is that experience. You cannot know light until you feel dark. You cannot know warmth until you experience cold and the huge list goes on.

The Balance of Understanding is at your finger tips
~ Yin/Yang ~

As you do away from your old stagnated thinking, you will learn to assert yourself and be aware of that assertiveness placed upon me. I teach you this. Then and only then can you learn humility which is so, so powerful.

Your traditional conservative ways are what bogs you down in learning esoteric enlightenment and deep spirituality. You haven't made that leap into the darkness. Not to worry, though, you will not be lost, just dis-oriented for a bit and uncomfortable.

Many have asked me if I am is part of an occult. This is what the dictionary says about the "Occult."

The occult (from the Latin word occultus "clandestine, hidden, secret") is "knowledge of the hidden". In common English usage, occult refers to "knowledge of the paranormal", as opposed to "knowledge of the measurable", usually referred to as science.

So when asked, most do not know what they ask, but let me say this. Yes, of course, I am the "Occult." I am the "knowledge of the hidden."

When I write, I like to use the word, "Dark." But you see that word as evil. I use that word because without light, you only see darkness. My Esoteric teachings are dark until you see the light and then they are not dark anymore until you go to the next level, but it has nothing to do with evil and surely nothing to do with Satan because I am not Christian and don't believe in Satan.

So I am holier than thou? Not at all, but I have a plethora of knowledge that will boggle your mind once you settle in with me. Do I seek huge groups and gatherings? Nope! I stay hidden most of the time and people only know me through this blog. Those who do come around physically don't stay too long. Most have not made the change and I quickly see it and I make them aware of it and excuse them.
We are not lime-light seekers or celebrities. We live humbly and don't drive around in fancy cars. I wear used clothing and seldom purchase new clothing. My bed mattress is on the floor and my bed room is humble. Can you say the same?

I do wear semi sheer and sheer clothing more often than not (transparent): If I am honest, truthful and transparent, people trust me. If people trust me, there are no grounds for fear, jealousy or suspicion.

Oh my, this is where the church really hates me only until recently. Yes, they have changed their views somewhat but I go against their grain. They hate skin! No not the color of it, just skin. They are afraid of nudity because it can lead to other areas that they are afraid of and what it can bring. They forget, that in their own book (The Bible) nudity is not frowned on. It's the churches that frown on it and their conservative thinking. Keep the people suppressed and ignorant is their motto.

When I had my group of followers/students, I was the only one who was nude when the time came. I was the only one sexually charged and channeling spiritual energy through the chakras to help and heal. No there was no sex per se', but it was sexual because we are sexual beings and one must learn to channel this very powerful energy. Medical Science calls it the dopamine effect. Ironic that it took them 10,000 years to find a name for it. 

Mixing the Dopamine with Kundalini and then using the Shakti and Shaktipat, one will feel the healing that can take place. It is much higher than a standard Kundalini/Shaktipat can produce. But it does require that I be sexually charged, (aroused) and disciplined.

Kundalini is also called, "The Serpents Call"
when sexually charged. There are two serpents normally that
live at the base of all human beings.
There are no Latin abracadabra words like the movies. There are some enchantment words used to open up the doors to the Serpent. Raising the dopamine levels is the opening of the Serpents door in the Ancient Arts and when at peak (do not cross over), then one meditates and calls the Kundalini out and the serpents moves up the spine to the 3rd eye and crown charging each chakra along the way.

Understanding doesn't always mean comprehending and applying. With the Serpents Call traveling up the spine, then the energy opens the doors at the crown (top of head), and the energy needed (depending on the task) is drawn in from the cosmos and spirit world.
This is the power that I use and it makes the churches weary of me because they try to see it as demonic or that I may use this power to destroy them. It is used though to mainly heal and help people and give them insight. But it is enhanced through sexuality and charging the serpents which can enhance the exercise by 100 fold. Standard Kundalini does not use sexually charged energy and it takes a certain discipline to make it work.

This is the Ancient symbol of Kundalini and also the modern
symbol of medicine.

The power of the enlighten ones taps this energy all the time.

Modern Day symbol for Medicine, aka
Kundalini aka The Serpents Call
Once the Serpents reach the crown and the powers of healing are drawn from the cosmos and spirit world, I begin. I use the technique that the Hindus call, Shakti or Shaktipat. I am nude and sexually charged and I place my hands on the student's/patients body and their chakra locations healing certain areas that need healing. They place their hands on me to draw more energy needed. Some will place their hands on the Serpents nest (crotch) and others will on the chest depending on them. The session can go anywhere from 3-10 mins each depending on what is needed. There is more, but I will not go into massive detail here.
The Law of Attraction can be used here if the student/patient has a list. It is not only for healing but used in other ways as well.

What I do is not what you may do. I have been at this a long time and I am an old soul. It takes a lot of work and sacrifice and I am content with it. It enhances my clarity and energizes my spirit.
Your goal is not to reach my level, your goal is to reach your level and stay strong in the process. You might be an elder/senior or married with children and you have other duties to attend to. But stabilizing your base spiritually is very important. Enlightening it is what I do.

Since there are a sexuality and eroticism involved, I have been asked how often do I have sex. Well, umm, I really don't, to be honest with you. Being two spirited I can roll with men and women. I have been with women sexually (not intercourse) over the years but have not had intercourse with a woman in over 17+ years and still counting. As for men, I would be considered a bottom and it has been, just over 2 years now and counting.
But keep in mind, that I am very, very sexual even though the Great Rite isn't being done. Sexuality for me is on a different level than it would be for you. I will do what they call "edging" which is bringing oneself to the verge of orgasm but not cross over and have one. This builds up dopamine levels in the body to open the door for the Kundalini/Serpents. The rest of the time I keep myself chastised with the assistance of an initiate. After about 6 months of no orgasm, I have used my essence which is really charged and blend it in oils and making candles. The scent (unnoticed) has a healing effect on the body. It does take a lot of discipline to do this. (holding back - Tantra for spiritual power).

Being Two-Spirited: I have seen hatred recently over the LGBT. I am considered a "Two-Spirit" (Intersexed), and that literally means I have two spirits dwelling within me (I am both and neither). I know how to draw from both when needed for certain tasks. It deals with genetics and not so much with Identity. I just live the way my DNA and genetics dictate. But that has opened so many spiritual doors that would normally be closed to other Spiritualist. It also brings to those ignorant people who have a hatred for someone who is different.
Let me say this, - Spiritualism has NO GENDER! If you're running off anything but the truth, you're not ready for this path. Remember what I said, Conservatism has no path in spiritualism. At least not what I teach. Stay at your church and keep singing, "Bringing in the sheep." Between the Yin/Yang, I can walk and stay easily where others would have a hardship in doing so.

Two Spirits, one world and walking between
the two.

I will stop here and let you soak some of what I said up. I could write volumes of books on the Ancient and Dark Arts. But that would give the governments an excuse to come hunt me down and the churches to burn more books. So, I will stick to the blog and personal meetings with potential students/patients and initiates.

Are you ready for the alternate way of life through spiritualism? I have used some of the Hindu ideology just for example purposes. But the Arts go way back beyond that belief because they draw their beliefs from the Ancient Arts. To the unaware, it is mysterious and dark. To the enlightened, it is bright and shiny.

Are you ready to make that leap to Spiritualism and the Ancient Ways? If you are local, get a hold of me and we can meet.

In Love and Light,

Gale Candice
Masters of the Old World

Saturday, November 19, 2016

You Shall Not Pass

Since the events of November 8th and the election. I have seen hatred brewing, racism and bigotry running amok.

Do not follow those who promote this poison. The Spiritual world and Universal Law is starting up and Karma will take hold on a massive scale. History has shown this to be true time after time again. Universal Law is a type of Divine Intervention. Understand it and watch it unfold.

Stay tolerant and help the needy. Never side with it or you can be a part of the collateral damage that the Universal Law will implement upon them.

Fight for your rights as a human being no matter your race, color, sexual orientation and religion and protect others.

Walk with the needy, the elders, women and children in this time of need. Show your true power of defending them.

You are never alone and the Spiritual World and their laws are with you. The innocence should never hurt from tyranny, injustice and inhumanity.

You Shall Not Pass!
Put on your Spiritual Armor, it will be needed in the coming 4 years if not more.

I bless all of you who follow this path. The Cosmos, the Spirit World are with you.

In Love and light,

Gale Candice - Elder
~ Masters of the Old World ~

Friday, October 14, 2016

You are what you Eat

I know you have heard that saying, "You are what you Eat." But it really goes beyond that. Our emotions and feelings make up who we are.

So keep in mind when someone influences you, or you start to admire or follow someone.

Use your wisdom and be level headed about it.

Are you willing to jump off the bridge if he or she does?

Yes, Choose Wisely!

Have a great day and remember, GOOD KARMA comes to you when you do good to others.

In Love and Light,

Gale Candice
~Masters of the Old World~

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Learning Factor

One of the biggest obstacles towards enlightenment and the esoteric studies of spiritualism is the "Learning Factor."

There are many things that stand between us and our ability to learn. The obstacles to learning apply to everyone, especially those of you who are interested in joining this group and/or walking the path of enlightenment. One obstacle is the idea that one already knows. The minute you think that, you stop learning.

This is one of the fundamental causes preventing people from learning. It seems that most people prefer to be right than to learn anything. Learning internally challenges opinions and beliefs and therefore requires great effort. Learning forces us to accept that we do not know. Most of us believe that we do know and therefore we are averse to learning. Once we think we have learned something, we then think we are right, and from that moment on we are likely to care more about being right than learning. This is a mistake that many make when attending our group.
It seems that most people prefer to be right than to learn anything. Unfortunately, being right means nothing. Being right and thinking we already know, prevents us from learning something new. It is important that we drop the idea that we already know everything. The fact that you are taking the group classes or reading this demonstrates that you are interested in learning. This is a good thing, but you may be tempted later to think that having taken the classes/sesions, you now know the truth which is not true. Change means resetting your old ways.

Even me as your Spiritual Teacher, we are still on our paths and we are all still learning everyday. Keep in mind the thought of Socrates when he said, "The only thing I know, is that I know nothing." This is the greatest wisdom because it prevents us from becoming arrogant. It also reminds us that we have the opportunity to learn from every person we meet and from every thing that happens every day.

Life is a journey of discovery. In order to discover, we must learn. The most important thing in life is our ability to learn, and to do this we must first humble ourselves and accept that we do not know. The search for truth must begin with the acceptance of the fact that we do not know the truth (This seems an obvious fact for if we knew the truth we would not seek it, now would we?). But obvious or not, we tend to think we do know the truth and then we try to impose that knowledge on others.

As I have stated at our meetings. Walk into my home and say, "I know nothing" and that is when you will start to learn. Do not destroy "I Don't know" with arrogance and ego and what you may think is the truth. So many people have walked through my doors making this mistake and they never return.
A humble teacher or guide and a humble student is the best combination there is.

Understand and learn what you read here.


Jen-ai Gale

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Do you live in a lie?


Good morning from my side of the world.

I am sitting here with my cup of coffee and was wondering about you and how you live where your at. Then it came to me, I wonder if you are or have been lied to and realize this?

As you well know that I teach the ancient ways of spiritualism and the mysterious arts that go along with it. It is so foreign to you and it should not be. So why is it and prove it is I am sure your saying to yourself.

I wouldn't be so mysterious if it wasn't due to your "species amnesia." History which includes religious history is ruled by the victors of war. History is written by the victor and the one who lost is eaten up by them to the point that they are forgotten.

Thats what happen about 500-600 years ago. Species thugs took over and changed history to how they see it should be and not how it really was. They re-wrote history and that is what you learned without question.

Religion is that way as well. the Christians and the Muslims are those two specie thugs who have tried to wipe out all other religions and parts of history and re-wrote it to suit them and not leave you with much choices and not knowing the truth.

A perfect example are the giants that lived here. It is written in almost every religion including the Bible but, all evidence is right away put away so that we cannot see the evidence.

Click to enlarge

Another quick example is the Klerksdorp Spheres that were found which shows that some kind of intelligent life existed 2.5 billion years ago. But have been kept out of historical science documents because of the species thugs not liking it. The main Christian religion says we have only been here about 7,000 years. How could these stones be dated 2.5 billion years old when man didn't even exist during that time? We have been lied to.

Scientist are saying this is natural made but the sphere's properties say otherwise. Also, you see those three ridges on the sphere? That is made by machinery and all the metal balls have this same ridges. What are the odds that many of these spheres have the same ridges? Made of high density metal? Natural? Dated at 2.5 billion years old? The earth is only 4.5 billions years old. So who did it and to me I would say they are ancient (to us) ball bearings. There are hundreds of these and all looking the same and dated at 2.5 billions years. Why are they not in museums? The Species thugs don't want them there that's why. Lets move on.

So, there are so many artifacts that can't be explained but are not investigated by historians unless it is thrown at them to look.

Look up Christmas and then look up "Saturnalia." It was before Christmas. Yep, Species thugs are at it again.

Mithra was before Jesus and he did all the things Jesus did 1,200 years before Jesus was born. So where s the images or proof? The Vatican sits on top of the Mithra temple. The Mithra temple is underneath the Vatican on Vatican hill.
Here are some photos of Mithra under the Vatican.

Mithra Shrine under the Vatican - Rome

It bothers me to be lied to. But let me go even closer to you and show you once again, the Species thugs at work.

We all know the month of September is the 9th month right? Well, in Latin/Rome where the actual names of the month come from - Septembre' Mensis - means the 7th month.

Lets try that again. We know that an Octagon has eight sides right? We also know that the month of October is the 10th month right? Wrong! - Octobre' Mensis - means the 8th month.

I think your starting to see the lie? November is the 11th month right? Wrong! It is the 9th month - Novembre' Mensis - means 9th month.

Okay, one more time. We all know that December is the 12th month right? Nope, - Decembre' Mensis - means the 10th month.

The Species thugs have been at it again - The Gregorian calendar is today's internationally accepted civil calendar and is also known as the "Western calendar" or "Christian calendar". It was named after the man who first introduced it in February 1582: Pope Gregory XIII. The Gregorian calendar

So why are we celebrating New Years on January 1st when it is only the 11th month? Because the thugs want you to and like puppets you go right along with it. DO NOT argue with the Vatican people. They know what is best for you. So, you and your ancestors have been following along this lie since 1582.

Do you understand why I teach the ancient arts and beliefs? I leap frog over much of the Specie thugs who wrote it down to their likings and not the truth.

What I teach are the truths that have been laid down over time before the thugs came around and changed it. Species Amnesia takes over and we forget more and more of our truth as humans which leaves HUGE questions un-answered.

  • Who are we?
  • Where did we come from?
  • Why are we here?
  • What am I suppose to do?
I will stop here for now and let you think about what I said. Oh my, your mind is going in all directions. Some of you will look up what I stated here. Fine by me and enjoy the reading.

I will write more soon.

I give you a seed of truth, nurture it and grow - Jen-ai Gale


(Gale Candice)