Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Learning Factor

One of the biggest obstacles towards enlightenment and the esoteric studies of spiritualism is the "Learning Factor."

There are many things that stand between us and our ability to learn. The obstacles to learning apply to everyone, especially those of you who are interested in joining this group and/or walking the path of enlightenment. One obstacle is the idea that one already knows. The minute you think that, you stop learning.

This is one of the fundamental causes preventing people from learning. It seems that most people prefer to be right than to learn anything. Learning internally challenges opinions and beliefs and therefore requires great effort. Learning forces us to accept that we do not know. Most of us believe that we do know and therefore we are averse to learning. Once we think we have learned something, we then think we are right, and from that moment on we are likely to care more about being right than learning. This is a mistake that many make when attending our group.
It seems that most people prefer to be right than to learn anything. Unfortunately, being right means nothing. Being right and thinking we already know, prevents us from learning something new. It is important that we drop the idea that we already know everything. The fact that you are taking the group classes or reading this demonstrates that you are interested in learning. This is a good thing, but you may be tempted later to think that having taken the classes/sesions, you now know the truth which is not true. Change means resetting your old ways.

Even me as your Spiritual Teacher, we are still on our paths and we are all still learning everyday. Keep in mind the thought of Socrates when he said, "The only thing I know, is that I know nothing." This is the greatest wisdom because it prevents us from becoming arrogant. It also reminds us that we have the opportunity to learn from every person we meet and from every thing that happens every day.

Life is a journey of discovery. In order to discover, we must learn. The most important thing in life is our ability to learn, and to do this we must first humble ourselves and accept that we do not know. The search for truth must begin with the acceptance of the fact that we do not know the truth (This seems an obvious fact for if we knew the truth we would not seek it, now would we?). But obvious or not, we tend to think we do know the truth and then we try to impose that knowledge on others.

As I have stated at our meetings. Walk into my home and say, "I know nothing" and that is when you will start to learn. Do not destroy "I Don't know" with arrogance and ego and what you may think is the truth. So many people have walked through my doors making this mistake and they never return.
A humble teacher or guide and a humble student is the best combination there is.

Understand and learn what you read here.


Jen-ai Gale

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Do you live in a lie?


Good morning from my side of the world.

I am sitting here with my cup of coffee and was wondering about you and how you live where your at. Then it came to me, I wonder if you are or have been lied to and realize this?

As you well know that I teach the ancient ways of spiritualism and the mysterious arts that go along with it. It is so foreign to you and it should not be. So why is it and prove it is I am sure your saying to yourself.

I wouldn't be so mysterious if it wasn't due to your "species amnesia." History which includes religious history is ruled by the victors of war. History is written by the victor and the one who lost is eaten up by them to the point that they are forgotten.

Thats what happen about 500-600 years ago. Species thugs took over and changed history to how they see it should be and not how it really was. They re-wrote history and that is what you learned without question.

Religion is that way as well. the Christians and the Muslims are those two specie thugs who have tried to wipe out all other religions and parts of history and re-wrote it to suit them and not leave you with much choices and not knowing the truth.

A perfect example are the giants that lived here. It is written in almost every religion including the Bible but, all evidence is right away put away so that we cannot see the evidence.

Click to enlarge

Another quick example is the Klerksdorp Spheres that were found which shows that some kind of intelligent life existed 2.5 billion years ago. But have been kept out of historical science documents because of the species thugs not liking it. The main Christian religion says we have only been here about 7,000 years. How could these stones be dated 2.5 billion years old when man didn't even exist during that time? We have been lied to.

Scientist are saying this is natural made but the sphere's properties say otherwise. Also, you see those three ridges on the sphere? That is made by machinery and all the metal balls have this same ridges. What are the odds that many of these spheres have the same ridges? Made of high density metal? Natural? Dated at 2.5 billion years old? The earth is only 4.5 billions years old. So who did it and to me I would say they are ancient (to us) ball bearings. There are hundreds of these and all looking the same and dated at 2.5 billions years. Why are they not in museums? The Species thugs don't want them there that's why. Lets move on.

So, there are so many artifacts that can't be explained but are not investigated by historians unless it is thrown at them to look.

Look up Christmas and then look up "Saturnalia." It was before Christmas. Yep, Species thugs are at it again.

Mithra was before Jesus and he did all the things Jesus did 1,200 years before Jesus was born. So where s the images or proof? The Vatican sits on top of the Mithra temple. The Mithra temple is underneath the Vatican on Vatican hill.
Here are some photos of Mithra under the Vatican.

Mithra Shrine under the Vatican - Rome

It bothers me to be lied to. But let me go even closer to you and show you once again, the Species thugs at work.

We all know the month of September is the 9th month right? Well, in Latin/Rome where the actual names of the month come from - Septembre' Mensis - means the 7th month.

Lets try that again. We know that an Octagon has eight sides right? We also know that the month of October is the 10th month right? Wrong! - Octobre' Mensis - means the 8th month.

I think your starting to see the lie? November is the 11th month right? Wrong! It is the 9th month - Novembre' Mensis - means 9th month.

Okay, one more time. We all know that December is the 12th month right? Nope, - Decembre' Mensis - means the 10th month.

The Species thugs have been at it again - The Gregorian calendar is today's internationally accepted civil calendar and is also known as the "Western calendar" or "Christian calendar". It was named after the man who first introduced it in February 1582: Pope Gregory XIII. The Gregorian calendar

So why are we celebrating New Years on January 1st when it is only the 11th month? Because the thugs want you to and like puppets you go right along with it. DO NOT argue with the Vatican people. They know what is best for you. So, you and your ancestors have been following along this lie since 1582.

Do you understand why I teach the ancient arts and beliefs? I leap frog over much of the Specie thugs who wrote it down to their likings and not the truth.

What I teach are the truths that have been laid down over time before the thugs came around and changed it. Species Amnesia takes over and we forget more and more of our truth as humans which leaves HUGE questions un-answered.

  • Who are we?
  • Where did we come from?
  • Why are we here?
  • What am I suppose to do?
I will stop here for now and let you think about what I said. Oh my, your mind is going in all directions. Some of you will look up what I stated here. Fine by me and enjoy the reading.

I will write more soon.

I give you a seed of truth, nurture it and grow - Jen-ai Gale


(Gale Candice)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Your need for a better life


Come to me and hold my hand... We shall walk together awhile and talk.

2016 brings in a new year and new resolutions. So many people are now in search for spiritual answers. You have tried your religion and it has been an epic fail with you still feeling empty inside.

What if I told you that it takes many books, many beliefs all inter-woven with each other to make it happen for you.
What I have done is exactly that. I have mixed the indonesian, Asian and European beliefs, looked them over (which took years I might add) and then place the things that are important on the table to share with you. Oh my god, I can see all those questions being answered right in front of my face.

But I have noticed that a big chunk of spiritualism does lean on the Hindhu belief. That's okay and by mixing them I have used this to help others. Isn't that what its all about right? Helping others find themselves in a world of chaos? I could go down the line on what philosophies and beliefs are on the table but that would be a waste of my time writing all the books that I have read over the 40+ years of studying.

Not to long ago a gentleman gave me a tour of his home. he even showed me his garage to look over. Why would I be interested in his garage? Oh yeh, because of the high prices vehicles he had sitting in there. I wasn't impressed and I think he knew that when I walked over to the garage door hinges and was thoroughly inspecting them instead of gazing at his high prices cars.
He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was inspecting the high quality of the garage door. I mean, isn't that the reason why he showed me the garage in the first place? I smiled and walked back into the house.
His heart was made up of green dollar bills. His spirituality was nowhere to be found. He wanted to buy his way into my world and I wasn't interested. After a short visit, I got back into my cheap little car and drove away.
Since he didn't impress me (though he tried), I never heard from him again.

His identity was built around his material wealth and not who he was.
We are not new hairdos or new clothes. We are not a new car or a fancy home. We are not facelifts or the latest makeup.
All of those things are dated and will die off in time. But your spirit never will. That is what I am concerned about. That is what runs through my mind.

This concern should be on your mind as well. It is more important than anything material that can be purchased for a price. You spirit is priceless and should never be on the back burner over material wealth.

I see some of these Gurus and Swammi's rolling around in Rolls Royce' cars and have these ultra modern homes. Maybe at one time they had the right intentions, but now are caught up in the material world of false happiness and lack spiritual content.

Does that mean I should be poor all the time? No, but I know money and I have seen the corruption that it brings when one has too much of it and starts to replace it with who they are.
I have been at poverty level now for at least the last decade. Have I accepted donations and a helping hand? Of course but it has never made an impact or change my poverty level.

By seeing this, I have found myself more rich and wealthy than some of the riches people in the nation. I have my spiritual being filled with enlightenment and other than financial poverty, I am truly content. For if I strip you down of the world, I will see a person just like me standing before me.
Don't let the exterior consume you to the point you don't or can't see the inside. Don't put so many layers of the world on you that it takes forever to see your skin and finally inside where your spirit dwells.

2016 is a time for a change within you. You gotta be fed up and tired of searching and looking for the answers? They are right there in front of you under all those layers of the world covering it right up.
In a book that you are aware of (The Bible) Thomas wanted to follow Jesus to the kingdom of heaven. Jesus said, Strip down your clothes of the world and bare all. Stand on top of them naked and humble, learn my teachings he said and then you shall enter my kingdom.
Actually this has been said in many books in different ways but the same results are needed. Physically and Spiritually strip down and stand on your clothes. Detach from the world and focus on your spirit, then you will be enlightened. But if you hold on just some of them, you cannot enter that world where you need to go.

The Hindhu, Sadhu and Sadhvi teachers renounce the world. They do exactly as Mithra, Ishtar and Jesus said and there are around 1.4 million of them trying to teach this in India. It is nothing new and is very ancient in belief. Yet millions upon millions ignore this and especially in the USA. The bible doesnt teach you how to go about being humble or who can teach these enlightened ways. None of the Priest or Pastors know how because they were not taught this. They were told about it in the scriptures, they know about it in reading it but have no idea on how to go about bringing this to you and many do not practice what so many prophets have said that is needed.

2016 is calling you at the door my friend. Do you let the Spiritual Awakening in or hope the knocking will stop and they go away?

Have a great day today and return soon.

"I give you a seed of truth, nurture it and grow."


(Gale Candice)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The latest in my world

Namaste', and good morn to everyone,

Well Meetup was really, really nice to me. They gave me a 35% discount on a 6 month subscription and now I can start up a local meetup group and get the ball rolling. When one is poor like me, 35% is a lot of money off from the $59 - 6 month subscription price. So I am happy that Meetup worked with me on this. Yay!

Now I have been doing vision work mentally and seeing my local meeting full of people listening and following my teachings. Vision work is good since I do have a connection with the spirit world and they hear me. But, I also know that it does take some time for the gears of life to click into each other and start moving in the direction that I need them to. After all it was them who basically said to re-start my following and keep it permanent this time around.

I kinda stopped due to the area I live in. A lot of christian churches battling each other for patrons/parishioners. Minister/Pastors not getting along with each other. I think they forget the reason they have a church in the first place. Instead egos are clashing with each other and these cleric leaders are not getting along. I guess they forgot their own Jesus saying about the 11th commandment - Love one another -.

So I have to allow those who need a life transformation to find me and Meetup is a one big way since so many people go searching for answers there. At least I am listed and it will take time now to bring in the flock, but that's okay.
If I was in a larger city, I know they would come in groves and then there would be a different process of weeding out those who are just curious and those who really want to follow.

So my future manifestation visions will continue daily throughout. In time it will come into fruition.

I was giggling the other day to myself. The pope has been trying to liberate the Catholic church by adding some liberalism into it. Ironic that I have been saying for decades that conservatism leads to a dead end road. The Catholic church is now realizing it and trying to open its doors wider. People are realizing the dead end syndrome and the church has to play catch up with the people. Well, I do wish them the best in their endeavors. Oh and I do think the Pope is going in the right direction in what he is trying to do, better late than never.

I have a saying: If one is honest, truthful and transparent, people trust you. If people trust you, there is no reason for fear, jealousy or suspicion.

Anyway, that was my words to ponder on today. I try to always be honest and truthful and with the small amount of clothing I wear like a Sadhu/Sadhvi, I am very transparent.

I am going to sit here and continue drinking my coffee this morn. Yes It is 12 noon, but I was not sleeping very well lately and took a sleeping/relaxing -chill pill late last night which let me catch up on my rest and sleep.
I feel much better now and ready to do my meditation, prayers and writing. Oh and also preparing things for the group meetup I scheduled for next week. Maybe someone will filter through and come. I know the spirit world is working hard on this.

I give you a seed of truth, nurture it and grow - Jen-ai (Gale)

Have a great day and return soon please :)

Ka-dish-deh (until we meet again)

Jen-ai Gale

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Good Morning across the World

Good morning to all of you who follow my thoughts, prayers and ideology across the world. I am glad that your here but do me a favor. Let us grow and pass the word out about my Nest/Group of good people. So many people are lost and need your help. So, do your part in a indirect way and pass the word out. That is how we grow and that is how we expand our reach to others.

If you have read my articles you should know by now that I teach all the merit able aspects of many different religions and beliefs. My doctorate allowed me to go search for the truths and weed out the myths and place those truths on the table to learn from. Understand that it didn't take overnight. Try 40+ years of researching, testing and does it hold merit to use and follow so that I can pass it on to you.

So, I don't take it lightly when one doesn't have the dedication and devotion to learn. I excuse those people because they want a quick fix in their lives. Some know or understand the powers I hold within and actually I had people come to me asking me how they can go about hurting another. What? Yes, it is true, she came to me to get rid of their ex-husband and if I could assist her.
Because I know how does not mean I do it. It is like having a 500 horsepower car that can do 200mph. Okay you have the means to go that fast does not mean you go that fast. Because you have a gun does not mean you point it and use it. You may have the means to kill but that doesn't mean you do it. I also used that same power to turn her thinking around and even though she is not in my nest anymore, she isn't on a path of vengeance.

I turned on the news for a few minutes and see that people are still not getting along with each other.
A judge is blocking gay marriage, too many guns are killing people, racial unrest is rapid, religions squaring off and facing each other and killing one another, a presidential candidate has so much hatred towards Muslims and the list goes on and on.
.. and you don't need me? Really? You have all those answers?

I was recently called a cult leader. Umm okay. I was also called a leader of a sect of Satan lovers. Who? Oh that dude from your bible book, oh yeh I remember him. I called that book, "The Book of Myths." Naw, don't follow that guy, not into him.
I was also called a Pagan God Lover and again I say, "oh? which one?" Naw, not into him/her either.

Spiritualism has no gender, no one god, no skin color, no Christians, no Muslims, no Pagans, no idols and we don't care what the world thinks of us/me. Should I be concerned? Why? For legitimacy? Naw, I already have the Vatican reading my works and Muslim as well as Christian leaders as well as several churches who subscribe to my blog here. Its the people who need to follow and drop that trust issue they carry about themselves, but I don't blame them for caution after dealing with their own religous violence under the name of their god.

I sit here with my cup of coffee and think about you. Do you know why your here? Do you know why you are where you are un-satisfied and not content?

You read my writings and thoughts, looking for a sneak peek for salvation that your not getting. I understand and know who you are. I am a higher calling, I was called to do this and give you what you need but not in one lump sum. Your brain and spirit couldn't handle it.
You cannot sprint until you learn to crawl, then walk, then run and finally you can sprint.
I feel you from where you sit. I see you looking and searching for answers to your questions.

Your Spirit is restless and you can feel it inside telling you to go find your place and find your meaning to existing.

I sit here with a cup of coffee and think about you. I want you to think about me and my words, my thoughts, my thinking and then think to yourself. Do you belong with me?

In an old Province in China I saw a movie with Ingrid Bergman. They called her "Jen-ai." It means "one who loves people." I like that because I love people.

Think about what I said this day.

Have a great day and don't stay away too long.

Jen-ai (Gale)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What can I do for you?

What can I do for You?

Namaste' everyone,
I decided to take nice long vacation which lasted a good 8 months and believe it or not, I wasn't done with it.
Many people kept asking when will I start up the following again. So after some thinking and pondering and signs, signals kept telling me to once again start teaching, I decided to do so.

You look around and see the world falling apart as it always has been doing. There are good people and their are bad people out there and we focus so much on the negative that it affects your life at work, home and your spirit.

There are so many spiritual groups now and half of them are so abstract in what they teach, that you walk away hollow inside and un-fulfilled.

What makes my following any different you ask? I am a realist and understand that we are not designed to either be good or bad. Remember Yin/Yang is what the world is about. One cannot learn without Yin/Yang. But you see that "/" in between then Yin and Yang? That is the Grey path and walking between both one sees the world as it truly is. To the left is yin and to the right is yang.

Religions and Spiritualist preach to follow only the bright lighted path. The "I do no wrong path" and fight against the dark or the wrong way. Many do not understand that they both flow in the same direction. Both are in unison, both hold each other hand in hand because you cannot follow your path without knowing the other. You must experience the other as well to know where your path is. This doesn't mean outright break the law, it just means you will experience both sides to know your path.

I follow this path and those who believe in what I say also follow the path I have shown. You follow me to the next place on your enlightened life journey.

Each religion has it's views and inspirations. Too bad they are not all in one book but that is where I come in. I take those inspirations and motivations from all the books and spiritual history culture and place them on your lap.

Here is one view of things: There are several definitions for spiritual leader, and the term brings to mind different things to different people. Some think of a spiritual leader as a sort of guru. Others think of him/her as a life coach, one who can guide others through the problems and trials of life. The Bible describes a spiritual leader as one who possesses the spiritual gift of leadership, the ability to lead others as a direct result of the gifting received from, and performed by the power of, the Holy Spirit.

The biblical spiritual leader understands that his/her leadership is one of servant hood. The spiritual leader leads by example, as Jesus did, who said He came to serve others, not to be served by them (Matthew 20:25–28). The spiritual leader recognizes that he is first and foremost a servant. Jesus modeled the true servant style of leadership, when He, the Lord incarnate, bent down and washed the feet of His disciples and he did this nude, teaching them that the true measure of a leader is his willingness to first serve others (John 13:12–17).

The spiritual leader also recognizes that his role in the church is “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12), and he concerns himself with doing just that. Spiritual leaders know that their main task is to sanctify the people of God, and their prayer is the same as Jesus’ prayer to the Father: “Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth” (John 17:17). Like Jesus, the spiritual leader knows that the Word of God is the food of the soul and that it alone sanctifies. Rather than acquiescing to the “felt needs” of the people he leads, he shepherds others to maturity in the faith by speaking the truth in love so that those he leads “will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ” (Ephesians 4:15).

Finally, the spiritual leader is concerned with the souls of those he leads. This is not to say that he cares nothing for the physical needs of his people. But his primarily responsibility is leading them to spiritual maturity so that they will be fully equipped and “no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming” (Ephesians 4:14)

Did you read that? Servant hood! I serve you humbly and you follow my teachings. Why do people not get that? My last group of followers just couldn't grasp this idea and after awhile wandered off lost again as they were before they entered my group.

Some people say, life took them away and yet they feel empty inside. What I teach and those who follow me is part of life but you don't sacrifice your spirit for a cheeseburger and because you had a long day. If you do, after awhile you lose interest and spiritual motivation to continue on your designed life path journey. So it takes commitment and dedication within oneself to not waiver on your journey and trust me when I say you will be tested over and over to waive from you chosen path. Do you pass or fail?

There are those who were born to lead and those who were born to follow. I am both and neither. I serve but do not follow and you follow but do not serve me. It is a yin/yang again of life. Understand that before you ever enter my spiritualistic nest.

Conservatism leads to dead end streets: When one limits themselves by refusing to see the world as it truly is (as well as yourself), then you will reach a road that dead ends. You will have to turn around and go back the way you came and what a waste of time. If I was conservative I would not be teaching you spiritualism. I would have gotten into one area of some religious book and never see the truths that were explored and discovered within other cultures.

You remember that guy named Jesus? Yeah, he took off and went and learned and explored the other truths. You don't read about that stuff in their book. But he went out there and realized there is more to life than just being a Hebrew. So, was Jesus a conservative? Not at all and again, by adding that equation of conservatism to your path, takes you farther from the truth than you realize. Word of advice, don't take the dead end road because you will be doubling back at some point in time.

The Fashion Police is out: I have noticed over the decades, that the less I wear, the more trusting people feel around me. Why? Clothing is like armor and it is also a culture statement. Again, I am going to paraphrase this about the last supper; "And Jesus removed his clothes and girded himself and washed the feet of his followers." That meant he was nude and there was a reason for this. So many people pass this up because Jesus was nude washing his followers feet. Oh my god he was nude. He used the girded towel wrapped around him to dry the feet.

  After his so called resurrection he caught up with Thomas on a road and Thomas asked; (paraphrasing), "My Lord Jesus, I want to come with you and continue to follow, how do I do that?" Jesus replied, "When you strip down/off your clothes and stand on them nude, baring all, then you shall enter my kingdom."

So what does that mean? (paraphrasing), "When you strip off the world from yourself and focus on God, then your spirit can start it's path into his Kingdom." Jesus made two statements in that. Do not be concerned with worldly affairs and show humbleness in that under ones clothing there is no hidden weapon or agenda (literally and figuratively). This is not a new ideology and has been practiced for thousands of years before Jesus ever made that statement. I follow this agenda by wearing scantily clad clothing and making sure it is semi-sheer. I hide nothing and bare it all. This tells my followers and the world that I stand on top of my clothes humbly as Thomas did and that I am willing to wash the feet of my followers nude. There is a message there that all should remembered. It is who I am and should be encouraged and supported by all who follow. This is not meaning YOU are to strip down, it means I do and you understand why I do. Understand why you need to detach more from the world and focus on your spirit.

But some laugh and mock me because it surely is not the latest trend in fashions. The conservatives point fingers at me because, "God forbid" they can see under the clothes or too much skin is showing. Is it a sexuality statement? Yes it is but it is not a sexual seduction statement. Simply said, if you do not like what you see, then do not look and follow that dead end path.

A Guru; In history, "Gu" basically means, "Darkness" and "Ru" means, to dispel it, hence: GURU. This is India traditions in its meaning.
I find it interesting on western culture in that, we live off of titles and degrees. You would never give a second thought on a Hindu Priest or a Buddhist monk and even a Pastor of a church of their higher learning.
A Buddhist priest spends decades in a temple, many are enlightened but have no high school diploma and they go into the world preaching and gather followers and no one contest their teachings.
Here in the USA for example, being that I have learned in my 40 years, can not be considered legit because I didn't come from a far away temple is bull crap. Oh and just so you know, I do have a Doctorate Degree in Theology and Divinity but who cares. That doesn't make me enlightened, it just means I had some formal education yet, I always talk like a neanderthal and because I can be considered a Doctor doesn't make me a doctor. It just means I have that degree and again, so what. This is something that has been preached throughout the centuries. Do not rely on titles to get one through life although that's like banging your head against the wall in a modern culture.
Wisdom has no degree, enlightenment has no formal credits at the state university.

So the question comes to your mind. So what is she called? Is it Dr. Gale, Guru Gale, Swami Gale, Priestess Gale, Sage Gale, Mystic Gale? Whatever you wish because it makes no difference to me. I am all of the above and none of it.

Genderism: Here is another stupid entitlement that I take with a grain of salt and throw it over my shoulders. I am considered in the medical field as intersexed. Ahh, so now I can see from both sides of the track huh? I can also understand humanities more clear than any of you possibly could. Is it God's Abomination or a gift? I understand Yin completely and I understand the yang honestly. I am the Grey, and I know both because I stand in the center looking at both, living both, yet I am neither. The path I have taken over my life, you could never follow. It is a unique path unlike any other because I am not like all the other gurus, sages, priests and mystics. My life path follows both genders which is something most of you cannot do. Some of you are having a hard enough time just dealing with yourself let alone two of you at the same time. A different kind of double life I would say it has been.

Using Magick: Oh I could write forever on this subject but I will only lightly touch it for now. If things happen and your Christian, then it is called a miracle. Outside of the religion and it is called magick or evil depending on your religion but is it real? Read your religious book and you will find it banned or not approved for the most part. To ban something means it is real and cannot be used.
Somewhere in time Magick went from seeing it to be invisible. Maybe as the powers had diminished or as it rusted away in some dark cavern got weaker to the point that no one can see it anymore is a matter of further discussion. But yes it is in fact real (even your old books say so) and yes I use it to a degree. I wont say how and when but I will just say I use it for healing purposes.

The Power of Touch: I have written many articles on touch, but will only say if you want healing and enlightenment and feeling better, then you have to touch me. It is like that cute saying, "You cannot soar with eagles if your hanging around with turkeys."
It is a hands on experience with me and my aura saturates your chakras with positive energy and the spiritual healing process begins. Touch me and feel the energy go into you.

What can I do for you? I can change your life completely, I can guide you a place where you wish to be. I have been here a long time my friends. I am not some fly by night if you look at this blog and see it has been here for a number of years. I live just above the poverty level and not choose to live in some high rise penthouse suite like others do. What I can do for you is take you to your place of destiny and where your suppose to be. I will light the path for you but it is YOU who must make the effort to go there. I will even open the door for you but I will not enter.

What I teach is centuries old and has been here since the dawn of man. There is nothing new added.
When you enter my nest remember to say to yourself, "I know nothing" and that is when you will start the path of enlightenment and you will slowly begin to know. You have to throw away all that other nonsense teachings and re-hear and re-focus on what will be a new experience for you.

I seek dedicated followers who really want to change and understand where we are going and how to get there. I serve but do not follow and you follow but do not serve.

Shall we begin again? If you are local (Bullhead City, AZ.) and wish to seek me out, get a hold of me here. I welcome all over 18 years old and include the famous and not so famous, the rich and the poor, all races and gender orientations.
Just so you know, I live at poverty level and have for a great many years. I am surely not in it for any monies but hey, I have taken donations from time to time.

Gale Revilla - Spiritual Leader

Monday, October 19, 2015

I am who I am

Good day to all here who follow my rants, raves and dissertations. I have been busy with studying and my group that I had temporarily formed. Now that they are all on their way to enlightenment, I can somewhat come back to my blog here.

Many people for some reason or other think that I am Wiccan or even the stereo-typical pagan and that is not true. I am neither Wiccan nor pagan but a theologian-Spiritualist.

Does that take away a God? No, I do believe in a supreme power in the cosmos, just not the earthly self-righteous religions that impose their will on you because of how one reads and interprets a book that is full of fallacies.
Way too many wars and deaths due to this and no one thus far has learned even though history tells them to fix their mistakes.

So, now you understand in trying to label me. many have tried under the Wiccan banner or the pagan flag. I am none of those yet, I understand their beliefs.
Those of you who are just learning who I am, need to read my articles here. Then you can make a decision to follow my teachings are move on.

I am a simple, grounded Spiritualist who has an understanding of the world. Does that understand change the world? No, it just makes it that much more easier to learn the humanities that we must learn before moving one in our spiritual evolution.

Learn me and then you will slowly see the light of enlightenment.


Dr. Gale Candice